Day 3 Report–Tulsa ISSW

Yesterday was a blur…a white, wet, and fluffy blur technically.

I spent an hour in the morning talking with Randall Adams about his plans for Italy and got real excited. Check him out.

At 10AM, I heard a great testimony and a great lesson on suffering and Christ Crucified. Find out more HERE.

Snow had a teeny impact on the blog luncheon. We all got there late because of the blizzard and then the power was out. We had a candle-lit lunch. Steve Tucker tried to hold my hand. Brad Palmore of TheoBloggers did a great job under the circumstances and we had a nice lunch and a lot of fun.

It was fun.  Everyone was as nice and real as you  think they are.  Trey Morgan is as sincere and humble and good as you might think from reading his blog.  Patrick Mead is just as funny or more.  John and Maggie Dobbs are sweethearts (obviously with each other, but I meant to the rest of us).  Tucker is as down to earth as he claims.  I left some people out but I enjoyed spending time with all of them.  (I already knew Palmore, he is about the same)

treyjdtulsaTrey also did a great job talking at 4:00 pm about blogging.  He shared how his blog has allowed him to meet hurting people in his community.  Very inspiring and encouraging testimonies.

A few of us had dinner at Ruby Tuesdays and laughed a lot.

I cried a few times this weekend.  Sometimes from the emotional videos shown, like the Iranian woman who was rejected by her family when she accepted Christ and is not allowed contact with her children.  I also cried from laughing numerous times, usually when Patrick Mead was talking, at the bloguncheon, and everytime someone said “heinous” at dinner on Saturday night.

What a week!  I hope to be there next year!  What about you?

My only regret is that I didn’t meet Rick Atchley.  I was hoping to tell him what a big fan Don Neyland is of him.


5 thoughts on “Day 3 Report–Tulsa ISSW

  1. #1 – I owe you big time for saying nice things about me. I promise you I’ll get the money in the mail. 🙂

    #2 – I’ve spent the last house laughing at the last two sentences. Twice someone has walked by and said, “What’s so funny.”

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