Tulsa Top Ten List for Trey

In honor of “Blogger of the Year” Trey Morgan, here are my top 10 moments, highlights, memories from Tulsa this year. I could probably do a top 25.

10. An especially heinous dinner at Ruby Tuesdays Saturday night (thank you, Andy).

9.  Jeff Walling’s lesson on Love being the foundation of Evangelism (I know, “duh”, but we all needed to hear it).

8.  Meeting Randall Adams and hearing of his plans in Italy.

7.  Meeting Jon Pease and Jamie Riley.  Two awesome brothers I am glad to know better.

6.  Patrick Mead’s humor/wit.

5.  Conversion stories/testimonies like those of Joe Almanza and Liz Pence.

4.  The Adventures In Missions program.  A young lady from where I grew up is on the Salt Lake City Team and there is a team going to Prato, Italy!!!  I did not know that!!

3.  SNOW!!!!!!!!!!

2.  The First Annual Blog Luncheon

1.  Maggy Dobbs’ laughter.


6 thoughts on “Tulsa Top Ten List for Trey

  1. Hey Brian, great Top Ten List, I’m sure Trey is proud! Your blog is awesome as well, thanks for having the heart to do this, it really matters.
    I really appreciate all your encouragement, it was such a blessing to meet and hang out with you and the “others,” I’m looking forward to getting to know you better here, and hopefully in Tulsa again next year.

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