New Jack City (LOST)

What a great episode!  It was all about the changes that some of the main characters had made.  To me, that was the main stuff.  Little Ben’s injury was secondary.

Kate came back to find Claire. How many of you believe that?

Sawyer has matured enough to have a serious relationship and be responsible for others.

Even Miles seems to have matured some.  The dialogue between Miles and Hurley about time travel was hilarious b/c it mirrors all the blogs, fans, etc. who are having the same conversations.

I know I am in the minority by retaining my appreciation of Jack.  Kate didn’t like the new Jack (nor the old one, ouch, what a sad moment), but I do.  I actually like the new Jack.  Poor guy, when he was trying to save/fix everyone and everything, people were against him.  Now, he is laid back, he is in the middle of a conversion from being the Man of Science into a Lockian Man of Faith.  He even talks about how the island might “fix” things on its own.  His transformation is fascinating.  Too bad so many fans have been turned off by his character up to this point.  I imagine all the haters will jump on him just like Juliet did in the shower scene.

He seems to be at peace and now has an “island” focused purpose/destiny.  He is the Locke of Season 1.  He was broken and suicidal back in LA but now seems even to be content to play janitor for the Dharma Initiative.  I can’t wait to see what he does and if it is crucial to the story or not.


One thought on “New Jack City (LOST)

  1. I really liked it too. I figured Kate would have told Sawyer tht she came back for him. I checked Twitter real quick while waitng for John & saw your remark! I waited the whole show for tht, you turkey 🙂

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