What’s Wrong with America?!?!

My personal opinion…it’s the Christians.

I see that just about everyone has been blamed at some point:  Jews, homosexuals, Republicans, Democrats, Wall Street guys, Muslims, and Christians.

My vote is for us.  Disciples of Jesus.  His Kingdom on Earth, the Church.

Throughout the years, we kept talking about how great America is and didn’t talk enough about how great Jesus is.  The schools and government preached “be a good person” and converted most of our nation and we were okay with the low standards.  We have been a nation of church-goers and “good” people for a long time.

What will that get you?  All the bad news you keep reading about.

Why do we expect people who have not committed their lives to Jesus to do anything other than follow Satan?  Is that really a shock?  Mankind is sinful and without the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, things get ugly.  Even with those blessings and power, those of us really attempting the life of a disciple struggle.

In my worthless opinion, the blame should go to Christians.

If the church had focused more about the Gospel than being good…

If the church had focused on love instead of politics…

If the church had focused more on benevolence than greed…

If the church had focused more on evangelism than buildings…

If the church had been focused more on unity than winning debates…

If the church had focused more on Jesus than programs…

If the church had been all about salt and light instead of power…

If the church had spoken the Truth in love, while living holy lives instead of judging, condemning and voting…

I am disappointed in those who wear the name, Christian.  We have made a commitment to live, act, speak, etc. a certain way because of God’s Great Love and Jesus.  Our nation could have been a better place right now.

Laws are not going to make our nation what we want it to be.  Christian politicians passing Christian laws are not going to make us better. Sure, we can reign in the sinners, but we won’t change them.

Preaching the Gospel in order to have more people transformed by the Holy Spirit will make our nation a better place.

Keep in mind, we should not expect a Utopia on earth.  Jesus said “small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.” (Matthew 7:14)  America has been blessed but not a Christian nation.  Christian nations don’t practice genocide (native americans), Christian nations don’t oppress and enslave races of people, Christan nations don’t perpetuate and enforce racism.

Keep in mind, I am not speaking as a Democrat, nor an East Coast elitist, nor an Ivy Leage trained liberal.  I grew up in the Bible Belt in rural KY, studied at Christian schools, voted mostly Republican when I voted and just happen to live in NJ now.

My opinion, right or wrong, comes from my faith in Jesus and understanding of His Word.


14 thoughts on “What’s Wrong with America?!?!

  1. Brian,

    I think that you are right on the money. By now you have probably heard about the Newsweek article “The End of Christian America” (link below) that has atheists gloating and theocons wringing their hands. I submit that the changes that the article is talking about may be the best thing to happen to the church in a long time, all for the reasons you gave in your post. Good job.


  2. Well stated and accurate in focus. People will never find renewal in a system, concept or principle. Renewal only comes through a relationship with Jesus. All other changes are short term patches which fail over time.

  3. Just last night I was talking with one of our elders about how the end of the Christian era will be the best thing for our congregations. When there are no external expectations, it will give us a chance to finally be what we need to be.

  4. It’s easier to change people’s outward behavior than to change their inward allegiance. It’s easier to produce a group of well-behaved churchgoers than a band of committed disciples. And it’s easier to join in with the voices of “God bless America” than to find a way to convince America to seek God.
    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  5. jeff

    “Judgment begins with the House of God.”

    I agree, but at the same time, there’s something satisfying about tearing our side down, giving us more credit than we really deserve. I think the world is so all-pervasive that the Church was never going to “work” anyway, at least that’s what Biblical prophecy seems to say.

    Satan is a major opponent, I’d have to put the blame on him. I’m sure that’s a snot-nosed reply, but seriously, the Church was never going to win this battle, only God’s return and the destruction of this earth and the creation of a new heaven and new earth will win this one.

  6. Brian

    jeff, i get your point.
    that is why I clarified a little with my final two paragraphs. I really feel that way as well.

    as good as it can get will be got by spiritual means/warfare.

    at the same time, that will never be as great as we think it should be exactly because of Satan influence.

    thanks for the comment

    well said, Tim, is that in your book?

  7. Hard-hitting, heart-breakingly true, I believe. Sounds like everybody is writing about this–just read an article the other day on the end of evangelicalism in America (can’t remember the source). But there is hope–we are people of hope as long as we truly follow Christ, which includes pointing people to Him as the true Lifegiver/Lifechanger.

    (I found your blog through your comment at Jim Hughes’ “Difficult Seasons”.)

  8. Brian, I agree and disagree with what you’ve said here. Could the church be better, do better? To ask is to answer. But I don’t believe that weak forms of Christianity are what’s wrong with our nation.

    I agree that we shouldn’t expect for the world and the church to become a united, good-and-happy family. I want to agree with the Bible that there’s a difference between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of God’s dear Son. And, I agree that what people really need is to be changed from the inside out.

    That said, I don’t believe that externals (laws, norms, social expectations) should be discounted. It’s common for people to assert that we cannot legislate morality. The fact is, another expression of ours–“There ought to be a law”–reflects the moral character of all legislation. The rule of law is not the gospel. But neither is it antithetical to the gospel.

    Regarding the notion that we should want hardcore disbelief to reign so that the church can prove it’s fidelity, my guess is that anyone who’s lived under political tyranny and the degradation of law would scorn that to shame.

  9. Allan

    Good post, I COMPLETELY agree that we as Christians have totally dropped the ball in our responsibilities and, yes, I agree that America was not founded or intended to be a strictly Christian nation.

    Here’s the “but”: I have to ask about what I see as a recurring theme in this blog:

    “Christian nations don’t practice genocide (native americans), Christian nations don’t oppress and enslave races of people, Christan nations don’t perpetuate and enforce racism.”

    Where are you seeing these acts being committed?

  10. brian

    those points are the response to those who wish to “restore” American to being a Christian nation, or “take back” our country for Christ.

    those acts have been committed throughout our 200+ year history, we have made some progress

    maybe we have gotten better about racism, but ask a Muslim or Arab what it is like to live in American today, racism is not longer institutional, but still prevalent

    sadly, now, whether the Iraq War was good/bad, just/unjust, thousands of civilians have died in it, because of the nature of modern war

  11. Allan

    I think that when people don’t remember the wrongs done by a nation but seek for that nation to be “restored,” they’re really only seeking to restore the good parts (since they don’t remember the bad parts). That’s why reminding them of past wrongs doesn’t do anyone any good…it’s the past and they’re not seeking to restore that part anyway. At least I don’t see anyone looking to restore those attitudes and I read waaay too much politics.

    Seems to me like even if they ain’t quite fer us, they ain’t quite agin’ us either.

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