What’s Up With Me?

I’m good. I haven’t been blogging lately. Just in one of those blogging ruts. I do plan to share more of my story later this week, but for now just wanted to ramble on about my summer.

The next four months will be busy.  Here is what’s going on in my world:


  • Going to see the Wolverine movie as soon as possible, probably Saturday afternoon.  I loved reading those comics when I was young and glad Hugh Jackman has been playing him.
  • I am taking a Leadership class from May through December.  It is only one day a month but a full day.  Lots of materials.  I am excited.  I will definitely share more about it later.
  • We are going to spend a weekend in Philly in May.  Take the kids to the aquarium in Camden, NJ, and try to spend maybe a day seeing cool stuff in downtown Philadelphia.


  • I will be 33 years old on June 4th.  Jesus didn’t live much past that if he made it that far.  That’s wierd.
  • The men’s retreat in Kent, CT, every June is a highlight.  Beautiful area, good fellowship, just an overnight trip but refreshing.
  • Going to preach in upstate NY for my aunt and uncle’s congregation.  They live 50 miles in two directions from the nearest Churches of Christ and started meeting in their garage, and now have a building.  I am excited.  I have never been invited to speak anywhere and am glad to encourage this small congregation.
  • There is a Golf scramble fundraiser for our Bible Camp the end of the month.  That should be fun.


  • My wife’s older sister is coming to visit for a couple of weeks and we will probably take her into the city.
  • Camp Manatawny.  Our Bible lessons for junior high 2 week of camp is Philippians 2:5-8.  I need to write two lessons in the next 3 weeks but I love camp and can’t wait for that.


  • We are resurrecting a VBS program.  I asked one teen to help and she replied, “What’s VBS?”  That tells you how long it has been since this congregation had VBS.  Once I explained it, she liked the idea.  We are only doing a one-day program.  Lots of time and energy and prayer will be needed started now to make that a success.

9 thoughts on “What’s Up With Me?

  1. * The leadership class sounds cool. I think I could handle a class like that.

    * Philly … going to make a ballgame?

    * 33 is getting up there in preacher years 🙂 Let’s hope you don’t go and get yourself crucified …

    * I’m a big believer in VBS. I’m glad you guys are doing it. It’s one of our biggest events of the year. We’ll have 350 plus. One of the best things we’ve done over the past 10 years is going with classes that tell a bible story through drama, with everyone dressed up in costume.

  2. What IS up with you??!! Oh, wait-that is not this kind of post 😉

    Sounds like a busy, but great time! Love that you are camping out in Philippians 2:5-8 for camp-that will be challenging!

    Wow, you definitely need to get VBS resurrected if teenagers don’t even know what it is! 😉 We used to do a full fledged musical at the church I grew up in-it was crazy and incredible! Tons of kids from the neighborhood came, and it was great. Hope everything turns out well and it can continue on!

  3. Brian

    trey, i may be txting you with questions, i have never organized one before. and alas, no game this time, it’s a quick trip with kids so me seeing a game involves leaving wife and kids at hotel, she isn’t interested, and I spent all my money on the blackberry

    kat, that is a loaded question, isn’t it.

    thanks amanda, you were modified b/c your web address is new.

  4. cool, sounds busy. we have experimented with different forms of vbs in past years. last year was a weekend thing. it was supposed to be one day, but we found we couldn’t squeeze it all in. of course, we were used to doing 5-nighters. i would like to try something new this year, like service-oriented activities spread throughout the summer. good luck with yours!

    wish i was going to camp too. 😦 i miss it a lot.

  5. The next four months sound like one of those busy-but-good times.

    I look forward to seeing you again at Kent this year. I’ll be there with my boy. Don’t forget to bring $ for the library book sale. And extra space in your suitcase.

    We lived in Browns Mills, NJ when I was a kid, so Manatawny was our camp. When I was about 5, I donated my precious pennies to the fund for a future pool at camp. So if you go swimming there, do a cannon ball in my honor.

  6. Brian

    i lived in a very crowded part of the country, but technically not a city, especially not compared to NYC

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