Weekend Reading

Here are some insightful, interesting, and fun things to read:

Blaine Tucker hit one out of the park with “The Club.”  I loved this.  Blaine was in Italy right after me and married my wife’s roommate and our friend/co-worker from Italy.

18 Tricks/Tips for Memorizing Scripture

This is sad but likely to make it into many sermons.  Woman was dead for 18 months and no one noticed.

I don’t like this t-shirt at all.  Give the bucks to feed someone or leave a big tip with your church business card next time you eat out.

Lots of good stuff, as usual from Dan Edelen at Cerulean Sanctum.  Check out “Wicked Systems

Christianity is too Happy?!!?!?!? What?  You need to read what Jeff says.

An Evangelical Bailout Package by C. Michael Patton

Some Church Pet-Peeves from 2or3.  Me, too!

Some bloggers I recently discovered/met:

Jay Towell at Overflow

Carl Feril at Checking the Mail

And just for fun: Time’s top 25 Horror Movies (I had not heard of most of these.  One Disney classic is included but it is a serious list)

And no I did not write this post from my Blackberry.

Have a great weekend and a great Lord’s Day with His People.  Even if you don’t think you need to be there, someone might need you.  And God deserves it, anyway.


13 thoughts on “Weekend Reading

  1. Thanks for sharing this Brian, I visited the reading list you suggested and found some blogs I was unfamiliar with. Your list is an interesting collection of diverse writers. Have a blessed weekend.

  2. I agree with Jeff, the t-shirt is better for teens. Why stop at 1 million, though? 🙂

    Your suggestion of leaving a big tip with the church’s business card reminded me of the other night at work, I was cleaning off a table for another waitress and saw that the (very meager) tip was enclosed in some kind of “outreach” pamphlet. I know people have good intentions, but I just want to shake them silly! I am a Christian and a waitress, and I know what other waiters think when they see that! It’s nowhere near a positive response. Honestly, I don’t know that a generous tip would make them stop & think about it either, but I guarantee leaving a bad tip will have them running the other way! In fact, I feel like they’re undermining any small effect I might have made on my co-workers.

    But thank you, to those of you that leave generous tips. Even if it doesn’t make an immediate impact, those little things might add up for good when someone comes along in the future and wants to introduce them to Jesus.

    Sorry, my little soapbox of the day.

    I don’t know when you have time to find all the blogs you read, Brian. You must be super-reader. 🙂

  3. Brian

    one of the speakers at Tulsa, I think Patrick Mead, has a relative who is a waitress and found out that all the waitresses she works with HATE to work Sunday lunch crowds exactly b/c the church crowds are whiny, picky, and poor tippers.

    how’s that for being salt and light??

    their congregation decided that each fam would use $15 to bless someone one week, one family give the big tip to the waitress at another table that had been abused and mistreated. I like that. It wasn’t even there waitress, but they wanted to do something nice.

    Are you a grace tipper or a legalist tipper?

  4. Yeah, my boss and I used to work at another restaurant together and he remembers that all the servers there hated waiting on this one group of whiny, picky, cheap regulars on Sunday nights … and they didn’t bother hiding the fact they were there after church. Ugh.

    I understand if you eat out regularly and can’t afford to go overboard in generosity each time … but don’t skimp, people! That’s their wages!!

  5. I tip everyone! My wife even makes sure we tip our hotel maid $5 everytime. Why are we so afraid to give what really isn’t ours anyway.

  6. Tips should be performance based, if your tips are not up to par, maybe your work is not either. Get a job with the post office, they draw the same pay whether they actually get the mail in the box or not. One thing I really dislike is to hear someone gripe about their job, give thanks you have one, or get another one. when you have to send the wrong food back for three out of the ten people gathered there, or even one. Do you wait while your food gets cold, or go ahead and eat then wait on the others. yep that waitress deserves a big tip.

  7. Gee, Laymond, if only the post office were open in the evenings. Do you think I want to be a 29-yr-old waitress? No, not really. I don’t have much of a choice right now if I want to be with my kids as much as possible. But I’m not griping about my job. I’m saying that I wish people wouldn’t try to “witness” to their waitress with a skimpy tip. It doesn’t really help the cause much.

    There are some people who just don’t tip well, no matter the service. I’ve been doing this long enough, believe me, I know when I’ve done a less-than-par job, and I know when I’ve done a fine one. It doesn’t matter to some people.

    If you’ve gotten the wrong food it might be the waitress’ fault, or it might have been the kitchen’s. So try not to punish the waitress if it’s not her fault.

  8. “I wish people wouldn’t try to “witness” to their waitress with a skimpy tip”

    Lisa if you went to the busiest store in town (Walmart here)
    holding a sign saying “I believe in Jesus” handing out 100 dollar bills, what do you think you would accomplish? Let me guess, you would get rid of a lot of money, you can’t buy a repentant heart, for you or anyone else.

  9. (Sorry, Brian.)

    Laymond, I really don’t think you can bribe anyone into believing. I’m simply saying that if you’re going to attempt to “witness” to your waitress, it is definitely not going to work if you’re whiny and picky, unforgiving, and leave skimpy tips. You’re right, I haven’t seen it work with a generous tip either. But I do wonder if someone comes along later in their life who tries to share the gospel with them, perhaps they will remember times when Christians in their past showed them generosity, forgiveness, kindness, etc. It’s just one of the great conundrums I’ve seen in my waitressing jobs, that there are Christians that come out to eat and have some of the worst attitudes there. I’m sure it happens everywhere. Maybe we all need that reminder, to live our lives as if the Christian life really is the better way.

  10. “Maybe we all need that reminder, to live our lives as if the Christian life really is the better way.”

    Maybe they are broke, because they have already given it to the poor 🙂 yeah right!!

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