How I Got Here-Firenze-January to August 1999

Sorry, I haven’t posted in awhile.  Been super busy.  It’s going to be a busy and fun summer.

Firenze is the Italian for “Florence.” Most Italian cities have a name that we don’t know and couldn’t pronounce so we Americanized them at some point.  When I come home from Italy my barber was telling about being in Leghorn, Italy, while in the military. I had not heard of it.  When I got back I realized that it was Livorno.  At least both Florence and Firenze are beautiful names, unlike Leghorn, which only makes me think of a giant, cartoon rooster.

Pardon me while I reminisce awhile. We recently had a lady from church over who is going to spend a couple of months in Florence in language school.  She is a professional singer, and sings mostly Italian opera.  Telling her about Florence, the food, culture, etc. got us excited.

We lived in Scandicci, a suburb of Florence.  Harding University has there campus (where I stayed in 1995) on on the hills edge of Scandicci.  The College Church of Christ in Searcy owns a building there that was previously used to train young Italians.  It is now mainly used to house missionaries who teach English and the Bible.  There are dorms, a library, office, kitchen, and classrooms in a 3-story building.

It’s a nice community.  Very friendly people. We had opportunities to help in elementary school English classes.  Some of the best gelato, pastries, and food was eaten in this small suburb of Florence.

My ministry developed more in Rome but those first few months in Florence were wonderful.  Great relationships were forged, included getting to know my future wife.  We started dating right around the time I moved to Rome.  Worshipping with the church in Florence which has so many wonderful people, American and Italian.

I will get into my time and ministry in Rome later in the week. I will have a lot more to say then.


3 thoughts on “How I Got Here-Firenze-January to August 1999

  1. Hey! My mom is going to Florence (and Venice, and Rome, etc.) with her sister and I wanted to recommend a few places for her to eat at–and I don’t remember the name of the one that I liked. I remember you and Marisa had that one place that you loved. Can you email it to me, and any other recommendations you have? THANKS!

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