The Week that Was and Is and Will Be

Wow! I have had a week.  A good week.  A busy week.


On Monday, I was a little groggy from allergies and tired from all the driving and walking in Philadelphia.  It was a fun weekend.  At least two people have assumed it was for rest and relaxation, I had to remind/explain that trips with children do not involve rest and relaxation, just lots of fun.  We had lots of fun.

Monday evening, I did watch House and am glad I did.  WOW! Another fantastic episode.  House’s breakdown, as we have seen it coming, in recent shows was something.  Next to Lost, this is the only other thing on TV I really look forward to watching.  Anything else is just dealing with boredom or vegging.


Tuesday was a full day.  I left the house at 7:45 (some days I am not awake that early) and was still late to my destination.  I am taking a 9 session (one day a month) leadership class.  It was AWESOME!  I am excited about the next one and sad I will miss one session while away at Bible Camp.

If you ever get a chance to take the Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI), you really should.  It reveals your Motivational Value System.  Kinda like Meyers-Briggs but different.  There are only 20 questions but they draw out the info and seem to be very accurate.

The results are color coded.  It reveals what motivates you, what you value, and what demotivates/discourages you.  It is a color-coded system.  Reds are about winning, results, action.  Greens are about being right, doing right, logic/analysis.  Blues are people persons, sensitive, creative.

I am a blue-green.  And as the teachers of the class where explaining to me what my results meant (as they did for each of us), I was astonished.  It was like talking to a mind-reader.  Pretty cool.

We are using this to learn about ourselves, then to learn about communication and conflict resolution.  We did exercises that show how each color perceives the other.  It makes it easier to understand lack of communication and the source of conflict if you recognize others’ motivational values.

I went straight from there to a school board meeting and didn’t get home until 11 pm.  What a day!

Wednesday (spoilers)

How about that Lost season finale?!?!?!  I love this show.  I dread the 7 months of waiting and I am sad that next season will be the final one.  I like the multiple storylines, mystery and confusion, and the great characters.  They show confused many but wasn’t boring.

I really wish we at least knew the name of Jacob’s enemy.  The shapeshifting guy who has probably been behind a lot of the weird stuff on the island, like Christian Shepherd roaming around and talking.

I want to know more about Richard’s story, too, and hope we get  flashback in the final season.  Is Locke really dead?  If he is, that’s okay with me.  I still prefer Jack, especially the new Jack of Faith.

The death was really sad.  I hated to see her go. Definitely go read Doc Jensen’s summary/thoughts about the show.  He really studies up on history/religion/etc. and provides thought provoking stuff and points out things you may have missed.


In the midst of a busy week, I went and saw Star Trek yesterday.  I needed a break and this was a good one.  I felt refreshed and calmer after enjoying some fun.  The movie is really good.  It went by quickly, had an easy to follow story, lots of action, a fantastic score, and was fun.

I did think of Mike Tyson with his face tattoo every time I saw the Romulans, though.

Thursday evening, I took the kids to McDs to play and eat so mom could get work done at the house.  Our girl who has had a few potty accidents recently, came to me holding up her ballerina dress after playing a while.  She had a load in the back of her panties.  Sooo, we had to get shoes on, get to bathroom.  I cleaned her the best I could without wet wipes.  Had to toss the undies.  UGGH!  She has been trained for about a year.  Had recent pee accidents in the last couple of weeks.  This one like others occurs soon after we ask, encourage her to go potty.

Today and This Weekend

Just working today.  Taking a break to blog, though.  Working on three lessons for Sunday, plus a bulletin.  There is our monthly bidness meeting tomorrow morning.  There will be a brief VBS meeting Sunday after worship.  I need to finish two Bible camp lessons: one on Jesus attitude of sacrifice, and the other on Jesus’ attitude of service.  I have the lesson mostly finished.  The hardest part is coming up with the Multiple Choice questions.  I usually get around 10-12 before really stretching.  I need to come up with 15-20.  We use them for Bible Buzzer Bowl during the week.

Next Week

Maybe, just maybe, I will blog more next week. I do really want to share about how God worked in my life while I lived in Rome.  It’s coming but I hate to make promises and have lots of work to do.


3 thoughts on “The Week that Was and Is and Will Be

  1. David Buckna

    Wednesday, May 13, 2009

    A Star Trek quiz…Boldly going where no quiz has gone before
    By David Buckna
    Special to ASSIST News Service
    A Heavenly Enterprise

    ‘Star Trek’
    By Ann Hornaday
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Thursday, May 7, 2009

  2. Brian,
    I am glad that you still find the time to blog.
    Your blog is one of my favs brother.
    Keep up the great work and know that you are always in my thoughts and prayers espeically durig the busy times.

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