Recovering Pharisee

I love this old bluegrass song and am going to incorporate it into my intro to a series on Sanctification.  I have the Del McCoury version, which sadly, I couldn’t find on Utube.

My sermon series will go like this:

Intro to Sanctification:  what is it?  why is it so important?

The Power of Sin

What God Has Done

What God Expects You To Do

We Need Each Other

words and music by Buddy Greene

I’m a pharisee in recovery
With new eyes I can see a big sinner in me
But it’s the way of my human heart
To confess other people’s sin,
Reluctant to admit my part or the deeper problem within.
But, thank God, He won’t let me be, or remain in my hypocrisy
Sooner or later I’ll be on my knees
honest to God a recovering Pharisee

I’m a sinner and a saint simultaneously
I’m not what I was or what I’m goin’ to be
Still I’ve got that ol’ tendency to be all a wicked man can be
It takes more than knowin’ right from wrong
It takes more than singin’ gospel songs
It takes the life of the Great I Am to produce any good in me
He’s the Vine I’m the branch and I’m learnin’ to be
Honest to God, a recovering Pharisee

I need the God of all grace each and every day
If I’m to run his race if I’m to walk in His way
I don’t have to be a slave to sin I don’t have to let the devil win
Cause the Son of God lives in me and He promises to set me free
So, Jesus, help my unbelief so I can follow you faithfully
You’re the Shepherd I’m the sheep and you’re helpin’ me be
Honest to God, a recovering Pharisee


4 thoughts on “Recovering Pharisee

  1. Brian, sorry to use this as email, but need to at this point (away from my computer). At it turns out, I won’t make it to Kent until Friday night after dinner and the evening lesson. Hope to see you sometime later that night or on Saturday.

  2. brian

    hey frank
    i sent an email but then thought that maybe blogging was the best way to reach you. anyway, i am sure we will find each other. i usually skip the group discussion saturday morn to walk into town and check out the book sale. if we have seen each other by then, we could get a coffee after buying books from library

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