When Jesus Walked the Earth

I will be waaaaay up in New York this weekend preaching for the Dekalb Junction Church of Christ.  My aunt and uncle helped to start the congregation after driving 50 miles in either direction to worship for awhile.  They are located between Massena and Watertown (northeast of Syracuse).

They renovated their garage at first and turned it into an auditorium.  Now thanks to some land being donated they are building a building.  They have completed part, but not all of it.  The work is being done by volunteer labor for the most part.  They don’t have electricity or indoor plumbing yet, but they are paying as they go, doing what they can afford.

They asked that I preach about Jesus and I was glad to comply.  There will be a cookout, games, VBS type stuff for kids during Saturday along with my lessons.

Here is my outline for the weekend.  Please pray for me and this small congregation.

When Jesus Walked the Earth

Session 1—Jesus was and is Passionate

  • God is an emotional being
  • God the Father and Jesus the Son both experience a range of emotions.
  • Jesus is passionate and we should be, as well.
    • Passionate about the Kingdom
    • Passionate about Truth (right and wrong)
    • Passionate for the Lost
    • Passionate in Worship

Session 2—Jesus was and is a Compassionate Healer

  • Jesus healed people from all kinds of illness and disease
  • Jesus also heals relationships
  • Jesus still heals today
  • Jesus is the Great Physician and we must bring all our brokenness to Him

Session 3—Jesus was and is Lord

  • Power and Authority
  • Jesus has authority over every aspect of my life
  • Discipleship involves taking up our cross daily

Session 4—Jesus was and is Savior (Bible Class)

  • Salvation explained in 7 Words
  • Romans 3:21-26

Session 5—Jesus was and is Love (sermon)

  • Jesus’ Love is Immense
  • Jesus’ Love is Sacrificial
  • Jesus’ Love is Passionate

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