De Kalb Church of Christ Gospel Meeting/VBS Report

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We had a great time this past weekend with family and the church in De Kalb, NY.  Here’s how it went down:

Thursday wasn’t a great day for travelling.  It was rainy, we hit some construction, we needed lots of potty breaks.  We left home around noon and arrived at Aunt Johnnie’s around 9:30.  The kids were wired and we enjoyed visiting a couple of hours before crashing.

Friday was a laid back day.  There was some preparation to be done for the weekend, but we mostly rested and the kids played.  Aunt Johnnie searched all over and finally bought Eva a tea party set because she said she wanted to play tea party.  At dinner, my cousin Gina was there and I got to meet her boys and husband.  We haven’t seen each other in 19 years.

Saturday was the big day.  A group from the Massena Church of Christ (about 50 miles away) came, plus the De Kalb group and over all we had about 35 for the day, including some who were there part of the day. The Massena congregation has many Canadian members and was where most of the De Kalb members worshipped before beginning the work in their area.

They had tents up because of the threat of rain, but the rain held off.  I taught three lessons on Jesus, and we had a potluck for lunch, and a cookout with leftovers for dinner.  The kids had a blast with VBS.

On Sunday morning we realized why Marisa and I had been having headaches.  Marisa felt real bad on Friday evening and most of Saturday.  My aunt and uncle only drink decaff.  We don’t drink coffee all day but assumed we were getting a dose with 2-3 cups each morning.  Nope.  Ouch.

There were 23 present for worship on Sunday morning.  Four of them, including a toddler were from the Massena congregation.  And our family is included in that total, so the church has about 15 members.

I taught Bible class and preached on Jesus again, and we came back at 6:00pm and even though I didn’t leave NJ prepared to speak Sunday evening, I was able to preach on Faith from Hebrews 11-12 and concluding the weekend of preaching on Jesus by reminding us all to “Fix our eyes on Jesus.”

Monday morning we gathered and packed and then walked across the street to the Amish farm.  My aunt and uncle know and are friends with many of the Amish.  The kids come over and visit them often, usually wanting to watch a John Wayne film or I love Lucy.  Sam and Eva loved seeing the dogs, roosters, calfs, horses, bunnies, etc.  I loved the apple butter we bought.

We had a great time.  I don’t get to see my aunt Johnnie often.  She is my father’s sister (father who died when I was 4) and it is great to keep in touch with the Nicklauses.  We want to go back and see more of the area and visit again and probably will some day.  If it is over a weekend, I will probably preach for them again.

Travelling was easier on Monday with clear skies and less traffic.  The same Cracker Barrel was even better going in the opposite direction.

dekalbNY 002


2 thoughts on “De Kalb Church of Christ Gospel Meeting/VBS Report

  1. Rina

    avete avuto un magnifico weekend, aiutando in questa nuova comunità, e i tuoi zii sono fantastici.
    I bambini sono meravigliosi belli come la mamma e il papà e vorremmo incontrarli un giorno. Dio vi benedica pe il lavoro che fate nella Sua Vigna.
    Come vorremmo riabbracciarvi tutti!!!

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