More about the De Kalb Church of Christ

Congregations this young usually don’t have a history written about them but I wanted to share a little of the story.

My aunt Johnnie moved to De Kalb Junction, New York, after marrying Jim while they both lived in Arkansas.  They each took their youngest child and moved back about 15 years ago to where he had grown up.

After Jim was converted, they began worshipping with the Massena Church of Christ which is on the Canadian border, about 50 miles away.  The winters are horrendous up there.  It is a rural area (reminds me of Ballard County for you western KY readers).

For numerous reasons, they decided to begin worshipping in their home, and with the blessing of the Massena congregation began meeting around their dining room table.  When they realized it was going to stick, they cleared out and fixed up one side of their two-car garage and met in there.  From Monday through Saturday, it housed a van.  On Sunday, it was the church building.

Finally, they began considering building and got a good deal on 8 acres of property less than a mile down the road.  Because they didn’t have much money, they were going to build as they had money, and do as much as they could by themselves.

They have been worshiping in the building for about a year.  The building itself is paid for, but they do pay monthly for the property.  My uncle does a lot of the teaching and preaching.

My cousin’s husband did most of the electrical work and they finally got it all hooked up last week.  They had been meeting in the building for a year already without electricity (using kerosene heaters in the winter), no plumbing, no bathrooms.  My aunt and uncle’s house was used for the restrooms.  They rented a porta-potty for the big weekend.

While we were there, they announced they had received $5,000 from a church in Plattesburg, NY,  (also by way of a church in Arizona, I think) that would be used for the septic tank and water well.

We enjoyed being with them, were inspired by their faith, and invite you to pray for them as well.  They are far from supporting a local preacher.  Maybe you know a self-supporting preacher who would like to work with a rural church plant in upstate New York.

If anyone would like to send a donation to help with their expenses, I know they would appreciate it.  They haven’t asked me to spread the word but I feel compelled to after being with them last weekend.

They will now have an electric bill and a water bill will start once they install the well.   They hope to also get heating installed before this winter.

You can send donations for their building fund to:

De Kalb Church of Christ
c/o the Larues
3397 US 11
Dekalb Junction, NY 13630

Make any checks out to “De Kalb Church of Christ”


3 thoughts on “More about the De Kalb Church of Christ

  1. Brian

    sorry, randal, i haven’t even checked my blog for a while
    they are about 15 in membership.
    sometimes they will have a lot of kids whose parents dont’ come and maybe have 20-25

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