The American Christian Dilemma

I apologize in advance for those of you who will blow a gasket as a result of this. Yes, I am being provocative, but I think the point is very serious, very important and I am using my “freedom of speech” on this holiday .

Also, even though God never promised us what the 2nd Amendment does (gun ownership), the USA (or at least the Republicans) promises it, so I guess you can shoot me if you are real upset.  🙂

When I tweeted earlier this day a simple, thought-provoking question, I didn’t even realize the dilemma I was presenting.  It’s a lose-lose.

“Would our faith (or the church, if you prefer) be stronger or weaker without all the freedoms we are blessed with in our nation?”

Think!  Chew on it!  No knee-jerks. You can’t answer that question without getting depressed or disappointed in us as American Christians.

If my answer is “Yes, I would be stronger in my faith, the church would be stronger, etc.” that means we accept and realize that these blessings are hurting us.  They are not what’s best for our souls.  We are confessing our love of the flesh.  We are rejoicing and thankful that our national situation is detrimental to our faith/the church.  How sad!!

Okay, maybe instead, I say, “No, I would probably be weaker in my faith if not for these freedom.”  That could sound just as bad!  They are a crutch, then.  I need the government to make things easy so that I can assemble without harassment, so that my neighbors will be nice and good and punished if they are not.  I couldn’t handle persecution, being in the minority as a Christian.

Now, maybe these aren’t they only two options.  Feel free to attack my false dichotomy if you want, but really consider that question and its implication.

Anyway, enjoy your hot dogs and potato salad.  I guess I will be deported or something before the weekend is over.



The Declaration of Independence “gives” us the right to rebel and cast off monarchs, and we have been doing that to God ever since.


Those poor Christians in China, SE Asia, parts of Africa.

They are stuck with perseverance, character, and hope while all we get is the right to bear arms and assemble as Christians. (Romans 5:3-4)

They will be overjoyed when Christ’s glory is revealed, blessed in suffering, have the Spirit of glory and God rest on them, and praise God (1 Peter 4:12-19);  And all we get is a comfy lifestyle, McDonalds, Wal-Mart, voting rights.

They have a great reward in Heaven (Matthew 5:12) but we get to live an abundant life in America!

They get to be heirs of God and Christ and share in His glory (Romans 8:17), yet you and I get freedom of religion, speech, and press.


(Oops, forget to make it clear that I turned off comments on purpose.  Just trying to squash dissenting opinions, and not get a big discussion started)


2 thoughts on “The American Christian Dilemma

  1. The answer is, we cannot tell. Our faith is shaped in the environment in which God places us. Was Daniel’s faith stronger or weaker than Jeremiah’s considering that Daniel became a high government official with access to wealth and privilege and Jeremiah was mocked as a false prophet? Our duty is to honor God in all circumstances. Relative poverty is not the only road of suffering. Persecution is not the only means God has of refining His people and His church. Don’t blame America for where your faith is (or isn’t).

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