Over the Delaware and Through the Poconos

…to church camp I go!!  Technically, I am heading to southeast PA and will not pass through the lovely Poconos.  The kids are going to grandparents house, though.

Our Theme for the week is” “The Attitude of Christ” and the lessons are all based on Philippians 2:1-8.

I will be preaching Sunday morning to kick things off then our daily Bible classes, Sun-Fri  will be:

  1. Humility–Illustration: a toy baby
  2. Compassion–Illustration: Hershey’s Hugs
  3. Mercy–Illustration: a stone (a la John 8 )
  4. Service–Illustration: towel (John 13)
  5. Obedience–Illustration: a yoke
  6. Sacrifice–Illustration: a spike

The food is great.  The people are great.  It is well-run and beautiful.  Great singing.  There may be around 180-200 including staff.  One summer we had 180 kids but attendance has been down in recent years.


Fantasy Baseball Mid-season Report

I play Fantasy baseball solely to make trades.  I like to build a team.  Even live drafts are subject to a lot of luck.  My team has changed alot.

Here are key players from my draft:

Hanley Ramirez, Carlos Quentin, Dustin Pedroia, Roy Halladay, Lidge, Nathan, Lackey, Doumit, Votto and Nelson Cruz.

But these is the team that brought me to the top 3 at the All-Star Break:

Votto, Ramirez, Russell Branyan, Aaron Hill, Edwin Jackson, Johan Santana, Rafael Soriano, Zobrist, Soriano, Gavin Floyd, Latroy Hawkins

And this is the team I will start the second half with, with maybe a couple of waiver moves in the coming days:

  • C–Russel Martin, Doumit
  • 1st–Votto
  • 2nd–Aaron Hill
  • 3rd–Aramis Ramirez
  • SS–Jason Bartlett
  • OF–Nelson Cruz
  • OF–Zobrist
  • OF–Nyjer Morgan, Franklin Guiterez
  • DH–Carlos Pena
  • BN–Martin Prado,
  • DL–Beltran
  • SP-Johan
  • SP-Edwin Jackson
  • SP-Ricky Nolasco
  • SP-Gavin Floyd
  • SP-Lackey
  • RP-Soriano
  • RP-JP Howell
  • RP-Leo Nunez
  • RP-Scott Downs

I am a little weak in the OF but feel pretty good about the overall balance of my team.  We will see what happens. I eclipsed 100 transactions before the All-Star Break but plan to slow down and let them play now.


Yesterday was my wife’s birthday.  We are not big celebraters and she especially doesn’t want to do much.  I did get her a card and it pleased her because I only paid .44 cents.  I know my wife.  She even said the funny part was that she looked on the back of the card before opening it to see how much it cost.

Plus we got Outback take-out for dinner.


7 thoughts on “Over the Delaware and Through the Poconos

  1. Going to Manatawny? My niece is at the current session.

    I’m speaking next week at a youth conference in Cuba. Only 3 times, though.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  2. Brian

    hey, cool. we have a girl from church who is also there this week, maybe they have become friends

    yep, Manatawny, I should have said that in the post

  3. You’ve amazed me with your trades. I’m usually one of those trading non-stop all through the season. I’ve tried hard to play the hand I was dealt this year, except I’ve had lots of pickup and drops on the waiver wire.

    It’s going to be a fun 2nd half of the mlb season. 🙂

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