My NFL Picks and Fantasy Team

Gotta make my picks.  Just for fun!

NFC East
Giants:  running and Defense will win the toughest division

NFC North
Packers:  Aaron Rodgers will kill and the D will be good.

NFC South
NO Saints:  will be a dogfight with Atlanta

NFC West
Seattle Seahawks:  toughest division to pick

Wildcards: Bears; Philly

AFC East
Patriots:  duh!

AFC South
Colts:  they are in Braves 1990s mode, it’s a tough division but theirs till they give it up

AFC North

AFC West
San Diego

Wildcards:  Pitt Steelers; Houston Texans

AFC Championship Game:  Chargers over Patriots

NFC Championship Game:  Packers over Giants

Super Bowl:  Chargers over Packers


My fantasy Team

Hoping to make a trade for a decent QB who isn’t injured.

QB: Carson Palmer, Marc Bulger, Jason Campbell (my weak spot)
WR:  Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, Vincent Jackson, Desean Jackson, Jerrico Cotchery
RB:  Matt Forte, Marshawn Lynch, Ahmad Bradshaw, Darren McFadden
TE: Zach Miller
K:  Nate Kaeding (SD)
D/ST:  Chicago, SD


Deer Cupcake Award (thanks Frogtown!)

I was tagged by David Kirk of Frogtown a looong time ago and finally realized it so I wanted to play.

1). What is your current obsession?
Evony video online game.  You build up cities, train armies, fight battles.

2). Where are you right now?
downstairs, at computer, at home

3). Coffee or tea?
two cups of coffee for brekkie, occasionally fun stuff at Starbucks;  decaff sweet tea at lunch or dinner

4).What’s one of your favorite movies?
Midnight Run with Charles Grodin, Deniro

5). What’s one thing you’re looking forward to?
my family coming home

6). Who was your childhood crush?
alyssa milano from Who’s the Boss, who has aged very well (still young, that’s the good part of having a crush on a young person while young)

7). What is your (current) favorite Song?
A Deeper Shade of Blue by Del McCoury

8). What would you like to get rid of?
10-15 lbs of my gut

9). What’s your favorite book?
Moby Dick (fiction); How to read the Bible for all its Worth (religious study); The Celebration of Discipline (religious devotional)

10). Why did you start your blog?
around my birthday about 5-6 years ago, it has moved 2-3 times but pretty much settled in now.  I like to write, that was pretty much the sole motivation.

11). If money was not an issue, what is one thing you would purchase for yourself?
A villa in Italy.  Maybe in Sicily, or near Anzio/Nettuno outside of Rome

12). If you could live in a foreign country, which one would you choose?
Already lived in Italy, would be glad to go back at any moment.  Otherwise, not sure.

13). Who is your favorite member of the Baseball Hall of Fame?
Ryne Sandberg, Chicago Cubs.  I was in the left field bleachers for a game in Busch Stadium in St Louis in 1990 when he hit his 30th of 40 home runs just a few rows in front of me.  A few of the most exciting seconds of my childhood.

14) Who is your favorite character on Lost?
still Jack, and he is gonna rock the final season, just you wait!

15). What is one thing you’ve changed your mind about in the last ten years?
a whole lot about religion, church, politics

16). What is one thing you’ve changed your mind about in the last ten days?
when to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame

17) If you had to choose between books and movies and could only read or view one or the other the rest of your life, which would you choose?
books, fairly easy choice

18) Have you listened to the A Better View podcast yet?
Yes, and I love it!

TAG! You’re it!

Have you done this, Lisa?

My sister.  I know the answer to 18 at least.

Frank Bellizzi. You need a break from grading papers.

Ooops! I left out the instructions:

  • I must replace one question I dislike with a question of mine own invention,
  • and then I must add one additional question.

My Week

Hey everybody!

Well, I thought that with the family out of town I would blog more.  I haven’t even been reading a whole lot, just staying busy.

This evening I will have eaten with 5 different members/families from church since Sunday.  It’s been fun.  Although, I am still hurting from the hamburger I ate on Monday.  Too big.


I think tomorrow I will accomplish one of my childhood dreams and something I have been trying to schedule for the last couple of weeks–The Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY!!

I already paid for a one-year membership which grants me admission for that year.  I hope to leave early and stay late.  Maybe I will get back up there in the winter, but I am looking forward to it.


I saw the G.I. Joe movie last week and enjoyed it.  I didn’t go in expecting “Citizen Kane” or anything like that.  It was a typical action flick made special because of my childhood memories.  My inner child did not feel abused by the big screen adaptation.


I checked out Mary Roach’s book, “Spook” which is a take on the scientific approach to learning about the afterlife.  I really enjoyed her book on cadavers, “Stiff.”  She has a really funny style.  I wasn’t aware of her hardcore modernism, though, until I read the prologue to Spook.  She was raised by devoted Catholics but won’t accept miracles or anything that is not scientifically proven.  This book on the afterlife may be more interesting than entertaining to consider a lay person’s anti-supernaturalist beliefs.

You know, not everyone we want to save is a post-mod, emergent.  Other and older folks still need Jesus, too.

Two other books I hope to check out from library and may blog about after reading:

  • Getting Things Done by David Allen
  • The Definitive Book of Body Language by Pease and Pease


I have enjoyed cooking as much as I have eating out lately.

Last week I made some pasta with squash, tomato, and red onion.

The  next day I made some chicken wrapped in bacon, cooked in olive oil and marsala sauce, with various seasonings like Basil.

Then I cooked some eggplant from the garden (not ours, in-laws) with olive oil and fresh mozzarella.

Yesterday, I made some chicken and veggies with soy sauce, and threw the cooked rice in the skillet.  It didn’t turn out quite like fried rice, but it was yummy.


I watched Gran Torino with Clint Eastwood last night.  I would love to blog more about it but I don’t want to ruin it for anyone.  Please watch it if you can handle the language.

On one level, it was a slow movie, but not boring at all.  It had a slow build-up and the ending was marvelous.  It’s a great story of transformation/redemption.


Well, that’s me.  Just a few more days till my fam gets home.  The kids are having a blast staying in hotels (with a pool) and playing with cousins and getting gifts.

What is your week like??  What’s up with you?

Tids and Bits

Hey everybody!  I am still alive. 

We had Vacation Bible School on Saturday and it went well. I might even be willing to do it again.  It was my first time not just to help organize, but even to volunteer for a VBS since attending one as a little guy.  I am tired but good.  Boy, I am tired!

My crazy/busy summer is hopefully slowing down.  I can get back to the normal crazy/busy weekly grind of being a minster/pastor/secretary/etc.  I can’t believe the busiest part of my summer is over.  I can’t wait for the cool weather of Fall and big snows of Winter.

The sad news is my wife and kids are leaving for a two week road trip with grandmommy to visit family in 3-4 states.  I will use the time to rest and hopefully plan ahead, maybe even to blog some.

I do plan to spend a day at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. I am a member (never used PEDs) and get free admission for a year.  I hope to see the GI Joe movie even though I am preparing to be letdown on many levels.


I recently got a new computer.  The old, cheap one was slowly dying so it’s nice to be able to do stuff without waiting.  I really like the flat screen monitor.  I have google gadgets on the right with weather, to-do list, and various headlines.  I can also leave tweetdeck open, and the remaining part of the screen is still about as big as my old HUGE monitor that was a hand-me-down from at least 5 years ago, maybe 9.

It’s just another Emachine but I love it.  There are two weird surprises: the first being that there is no regular printer port, only USBs. So I had to buy an adapter to connect my printer to the CPU.  And I ordered it online b/c I couldn’t find one at the Shack (saw lots of phones, but no Trinity) or Staples.  Unfortunately, I ordered it from Hong Kong.  So now, I must decide if I can wait for it to arrive.  Shipping was free.  Did I get scammed?

Secondly, the CD/DVD drive is vertical…the discs kinda hang there but it works, so…SURE!


I want to spend lots of time reading.  I am planning a sermon series on the Minor Prophets.  I hope to take advantage of the quiet and spend more time with God, figuring out myself and my ministry.

The one major decision I haven’t made is about food:  Do I eat super light and healthy (cooking isn’t an issue, I enjoy it and will survive that without the wife) or do I live it up and eat what I want for a week or so??