Tids and Bits

Hey everybody!  I am still alive. 

We had Vacation Bible School on Saturday and it went well. I might even be willing to do it again.  It was my first time not just to help organize, but even to volunteer for a VBS since attending one as a little guy.  I am tired but good.  Boy, I am tired!

My crazy/busy summer is hopefully slowing down.  I can get back to the normal crazy/busy weekly grind of being a minster/pastor/secretary/etc.  I can’t believe the busiest part of my summer is over.  I can’t wait for the cool weather of Fall and big snows of Winter.

The sad news is my wife and kids are leaving for a two week road trip with grandmommy to visit family in 3-4 states.  I will use the time to rest and hopefully plan ahead, maybe even to blog some.

I do plan to spend a day at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY. I am a member (never used PEDs) and get free admission for a year.  I hope to see the GI Joe movie even though I am preparing to be letdown on many levels.


I recently got a new computer.  The old, cheap one was slowly dying so it’s nice to be able to do stuff without waiting.  I really like the flat screen monitor.  I have google gadgets on the right with weather, to-do list, and various headlines.  I can also leave tweetdeck open, and the remaining part of the screen is still about as big as my old HUGE monitor that was a hand-me-down from at least 5 years ago, maybe 9.

It’s just another Emachine but I love it.  There are two weird surprises: the first being that there is no regular printer port, only USBs. So I had to buy an adapter to connect my printer to the CPU.  And I ordered it online b/c I couldn’t find one at the Shack (saw lots of phones, but no Trinity) or Staples.  Unfortunately, I ordered it from Hong Kong.  So now, I must decide if I can wait for it to arrive.  Shipping was free.  Did I get scammed?

Secondly, the CD/DVD drive is vertical…the discs kinda hang there but it works, so…SURE!


I want to spend lots of time reading.  I am planning a sermon series on the Minor Prophets.  I hope to take advantage of the quiet and spend more time with God, figuring out myself and my ministry.

The one major decision I haven’t made is about food:  Do I eat super light and healthy (cooking isn’t an issue, I enjoy it and will survive that without the wife) or do I live it up and eat what I want for a week or so??


9 thoughts on “Tids and Bits

  1. I’m sorry my son couldn’t make it over for the VBS, but as you know we were picking up our daughter at camp. She had a great time.

    I’ve noticed a lot of desktops coming out now with only USB ports. Warning: DON’T attempt a dual boot installation on a USB-only computer.

  2. Welcome back…

    First, I just bought the GI Joe DVD, but haven’t had a chance to watch it. Maybe tonight. It pays to visit other countries occasionally that have pirated movies … I bought it just to see if it worked. It’s probably in Spanish.

    Second, I had an E-machine … it was one of the best computers I ever had.

  3. Trey,

    I’m quite sure you could pick up a copy of GI Joe here in NYC also. Then again, some would argue that the Island of Manhattan constitutes a de facto foreign country….

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