My NFL Picks and Fantasy Team

Gotta make my picks.  Just for fun!

NFC East
Giants:  running and Defense will win the toughest division

NFC North
Packers:  Aaron Rodgers will kill and the D will be good.

NFC South
NO Saints:  will be a dogfight with Atlanta

NFC West
Seattle Seahawks:  toughest division to pick

Wildcards: Bears; Philly

AFC East
Patriots:  duh!

AFC South
Colts:  they are in Braves 1990s mode, it’s a tough division but theirs till they give it up

AFC North

AFC West
San Diego

Wildcards:  Pitt Steelers; Houston Texans

AFC Championship Game:  Chargers over Patriots

NFC Championship Game:  Packers over Giants

Super Bowl:  Chargers over Packers


My fantasy Team

Hoping to make a trade for a decent QB who isn’t injured.

QB: Carson Palmer, Marc Bulger, Jason Campbell (my weak spot)
WR:  Randy Moss, Reggie Wayne, Vincent Jackson, Desean Jackson, Jerrico Cotchery
RB:  Matt Forte, Marshawn Lynch, Ahmad Bradshaw, Darren McFadden
TE: Zach Miller
K:  Nate Kaeding (SD)
D/ST:  Chicago, SD


8 thoughts on “My NFL Picks and Fantasy Team

  1. nb

    Just stopped by to say hi. I have nothing worthwhile to add because I am clueless concerning this topic! I’ll just smile politely and nod. 🙂

  2. Brian

    I am also in the process of trading Desean Jackson (whom I love) and Darren McFadden for Ryan Grant

  3. Go ahead, try and convince me that the “dogfight with Atlanta” wasn’t intentional.

    You’ve got the Texans making the playoffs. Would be the first time in team history. Cool.

    I almost got back into fantasy football. What I’d love is an open league, where everybody gets to choose from every player and you just try to put together the best team each week. Wonder if anything like that exists.

    OK, back to work.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  4. Brian

    o WOW! that must have been subsconcious, for real. Can’t believe I did that.

    hard for me to believe, but I actually just grabbed a cliche, without recognizing the connection.

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