I’m Tired of Words

I don’t even feel comfortable admitting/confessing that.  But I am.  I don’t know if it’s being a little burned out, depressed, just busy and overwhelmed, but I am tired of writing and talking.

I feel no desire to comment on what’s going on on the news, in the world, etc.

Maybe it’s important to point out that I am not necessarily a big talker, commenter, etc.

Often in Bible class, if I am not teaching, I am very content to just listen and think.  I do not feel compelled, even as the Preacher, to teach/talk constantly as some do.

But I believe this is the reason I haven’t blogged so much.

I just haven’t been getting much from 1,875 perspectives on any given scripture, inspirational takes on daily events, etc.  I think I just need to read my Bible and meditate more.

Never in history have so many been saying so much about so little.  And I just got tired of adding my 2 cents to every event that occurs.  And with inflation, that’s not what it used to be anyway.

Occasionally, I remember that I started a series about my faith journey back in the spring which needs to be continued at some point.   Don’t expect it soon, but it will come some day.

I am enjoying my own silence.


6 thoughts on “I’m Tired of Words

  1. wjcsydney

    Brian, I am an enthusiatic contributor to a Bible discussion list. I have been there for a few years. I tend to get too involved. I was convicted to take a break for a while (after becoming too heated, taking things personally and making comments to a dear friend which were interpreted as hurtful) – and our sermon on Sunday night was on the spiritual disciplines – and the one that lept out at me was “silence”. Silence is good.

  2. nb

    I understand what you are saying. In the grand scheme of things, I’m thinking that nothing makes much of a difference anyway.

    I believe one can learn a great deal by listening and observing. Words aren’t always necessary.

    However, having said that, I must say that I have missed seeing you around the blogosphere lately. I look forward to reading your posts and comments.

    Hang in there, Brian!

  3. I hear you. I haven’t the patience or energy for religious or political chatter, and pop culture depresses me. The solution I’ve found is focusing on one area of life that interests me more than others. Narrowing it down. Also, I take breaks from blogging every so often. The world won’t end without my opinions. Take it easy.

  4. nb

    On the topic of words…have you ever noticed that “stressed” spells backwards is “desserts”? Makes sense to me. Well…food for thought anyway. 🙂

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