A church of Christ Lectionary

Note:  For all you hard-working preachers out there who are busy “marking” false teachers and having trouble coming up with a sermon each week, I would like to make you aware of this Preaching Schedule.  It is good for any year; in fact, why not just repeat it each year?


Sunday #1—What must I do to be saved?

Sunday #2—How Alexander Campbell restored the New Testament Church

Sunday #3—Thoughts on Baptism from Ezekiel

Sunday #4—Max Lucado:  Satan Incarnate or just a False Prophet?

Sunday #5—What is the Church of Christ?


Sunday #6—The 5 Steps to Salvation

Sunday #7—Why anyone who believes in the Holy Spirit must be Pentecostal

Sunday #8—Everything I know about the Old Testament

Sunday #9—Baptism in Philemon


Sunday #10—Today is the Day of Salvation

Sunday #11—I am a member of the Church of Christ, What about You?

Sunday #12—St Patrick’s Day Sermon:  The sin of social drinking

Sunday #13—The Joys of Marking False Brethren


Sunday #14—How were people saved in Bible Times?

Sunday #15—Anything but the Resurrection, part 1

Sunday #16—Anything but the Resurrection, part 2

Sunday #17—The Pagan Origins of Easter

Sunday #18—18 Reasons Rubel Shelly needs to repent


Sunday #19—What Must I do to be saved?

Sunday #20—Mothers Day Sermon:  How my Mom Became a NT Christian

Sunday #21—Will We Wear Ties in Heaven?

Sunday #22—How do I become a member of the Church of Christ?


Sunday #23–Hear, Believe, Repent, Confess, and be Baptized

Sunday #24—The Sins of ACU

Sunday #25—Father’s Day Sermon:  Why Dad is a member of the Church of Christ

Sunday #26—How Repentance fits in the Plan of Salvation


Sunday #27—What must I do to be saved?

Sunday #28—Growth through Division

Sunday #29—Which Bible Translation? (Alternate title:  “NIV: Satan’s Masterpiece”)

Sunday #30—Baptism in Obadiah

Sunday #31—5 Reasons Jeff Walling is Wrong about Everything


Sunday #32—Salvation in 5 easy steps

Sunday #33—The Plan of Salvation in Deuteronomy

Sunday #34—One Church, One Name, “Church of Christ”

Sunday #35—The Birth of Jesus (and why it’s wrong to preach on it in December)


Sunday #36—The New Testament plan for Salvation

Sunday #37—False Doctrine, part 1

Sunday #38—False Doctrine, part 2

Sunday #39—False Doctrine, part 3


Sunday #40—False Doctrine, part 4

Sunday #41—Healthy Doctrine:  What must I do to be saved?

Sunday #42—Healthy Doctrine: We Are Going to Heaven and They Are Not

Sunday #43—Why it is wrong to celebrate Halloween


Sunday #44–What the Bible says about salvation

Sunday #45–I am thankful that the instrument-users are going to Hell

Sunday #46–I am thankful for Foy E. Wallace, Jr.

Sunday #47–I am thankful for Barton W. Stone


Sunday #48—What must I do to be saved?

Sunday #49—Anything but the birth of Christ, part 1

Sunday #50—Anything but the birth of Christ, part 2

Sunday #51—The Evils of celebrating Christmas

Sunday #52—Unforgivable Sin: Singing Nativity Hymns within 3 months of December 25th


19 thoughts on “A church of Christ Lectionary

  1. Unfortunately, there may be some preachers out there that have preached many of these same sermons. Not necessarily in this particular order. Yes, you probably will stir up some trouble, and that is a good thing.

  2. Thank goodness someone put a year-long series of lesson topics that I can download and use.

    It is difficult to pinpoint what sermons should be each week, month and even year. I do worry regarding our state of preaching because of the tendency to swing the pulpit pendulum from one extreme to the other. While there is a need for the harsh reality of changing our lives, there is also a need to find the positive nature of the hope we are striving for.

    Each minister need to be sure that every lesson is a lesson out of love, never out of a hatred. God hates several things and God has made His hatred clear. We, as ministers, should be aware that some of the members may be involved in such and it should be our love in which we share the truth with them.

    Preachers will also confuse the anti-denominational position with the pro-church position. They preach against things because denominations do them, instead of preaching for what we need to do because Jesus did.

    Just my thoughts. (More to come later – if i can remember)

  3. Brian

    laymond, i hope you are joking but…

    I wrote this a couple of years ago and didn’t think to include politics, but I could have

  4. Brian, it’s no joke, the conservatives are rewriting the bible.
    check out Jay Guin’s blog, it was also on the news. The NIV is just to liberal, and needs to be harder to understand.

  5. Brian,

    I’m disappointed that there is no mention of Baptists, the importance of Noah using gopher wood, and Why singing in heaven is likely unscriptural.

    It is not conservatives who are revising the NIV to be gender neutral and politically correct. And, it is not “conservative” to simply omit several verses completely.


  6. Don

    The only problem I have with your “lectionary” is that you have 26 too many sermons for most preachers today.

    1) Lectureships
    2) coaching t-ball, soccer, or dance class
    3) Entertaining visiting family and friends with trips “into the city”
    4) Preaching reciprocal Gospel Meetings at friends; and family’s congregations
    5) Retreats and “recovery” weekends

    They are only “in the home pulpit” half the year.

  7. Brian

    that’s actually a good point.

    at least for some churches, it’s a good thing that their preacher is gone a lot.

  8. Brian

    i didn’t meant to sound surprised that a good thought came from you, just that you never hear anyone discuss it.

    if a church has good elders and the preacher is training others to preach and teach, that could be good,

    but if the congregation is neglected, and without leadership that stinks

  9. Don

    Admit it… you WERE shocked that I had a good thought BUT even more shocked that you saw I had a good point 🙂

    Just kidding people…. I am still mainlining Nyquil…..

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