Around the Web (Links)

I can’t always remember where I found these.  Many were from your tweets.  Sorry for not giving credit to whom found it first.  I just don’t remember.

What Makes a Christian Nation by Tim Archer (I am looking forward to Tim’s book coming out!)

Are Americans Faking Religiosity? is from an atheist site, but their numbers are very interesting.  related to Tim’s post.

Can Christians Celebrate Halloween? by Patrick Mead.  It’s that time of year.  Although, not as fun (or stupid) as the Christmas debate.

Flavil Yeakley on the Campbells, Sectarianism and Unity relayed by Wes Woodell.  Great thoughts on what it means to be sectarian.

How to Handle (church) Announcements without making Announcements from Church Leader Insights with Nelson Searcy

“Complicated Grief”, a technical psychological syndrome from the Washington Post

And one more for fun, since Halloween is coming up.  Not for the faint of heart, but…
The 30 Greatest Moments in Horror History

A Call to Eliminate Horror Films by Peter Brown

I have been trying to making spiritual applications/illustrations from Zombie movies.  Any thoughts? Wow! Amanda already did it.  And did it well!

Adam at Igneous Quill already thought about it, too.

I hope your weekend was great. I am still suffering from a “Holy Hangover.”

I hope you have a great week. I may actually blog some in the next two weeks.


7 thoughts on “Around the Web (Links)

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  2. hey Brian,
    the only good thing about Halloween, besides the candy.
    is “Charlie Brown’s DVD” and the song “Monster Mash” 😉

    oh and just what is a “Holy Hangover” ?

  3. Brian

    I love the whole Great Pumpkin story, too, Jel

    I learned that term from Trey which adequately describes how I feel on Monday mornings after a busy Sunday

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