The Church of Christ Canon

(Some thoughts on Satire as a teaching method:especially the comments)

The churches of Christ need a Bible that accurately reflects our rich tradition, doctrine, and practice.

Consider these alterations to reflect who we really are:

Let’s start by removing large portions of the Old Testament, since it was nailed to the Cross anyway.

Genesis can stay, and the first half of Exodus. Leviticus is out except for Chapter 10 (Nadab and Abihu).  Numbers and Deuteronomy are gone.  Let’s add Leviticus 10 to Exodus and call that one book.

The Historical books can stay because they are easy to study and David rocks, except Kings and Chronicles are redundant.  So, we will combine them to 1 and 2 Kingicles.

Ruth and Esther are out because they emphasize women too much.  And Esther doesn’t even mention God.

Psalms and Proverbs can stay, but Ecclesiastes (too weird) and Song of Solomon (may be about sex) are definitely out.

Isaiah is in and Jeremiah can stay solely because of 6:16 (seek the old paths). No one reads Lamentations, so it’s out.

Only chapter 37 from Ezekiel can remain because it makes a great “restoration” sermon.”  The rest of the book might give fuel to pre-millennial doctrines.  It will be included in Jeremiah.

The minor prophets can be condensed down to one book that contains all the Messianic prophecies and all verses that emphasize the Meanness of God.

On to the New Testament, which is, of course, our sole basis for faith and practice.

Since John says waaay too much about the Holy Spirit and four is kinda overkill anyway, and Luke seems to also emphasize the Holy Spirit and women!  Let’s just keep the first two:  Matthew and Mark.

Acts is so important, that it should actually be repeated.  So, three copies in every Bible.

Romans is also good, except for chapters 9-11, which should be removed.

The rest of Paul’s writings are good and can remain, except for Philemon, which doesn’t say much about the church or baptism.

Hebrews through 1 Peter are in. 1 John can stay, but what’s the point of 2 and 3 John?

Jude stays because it teaches us to contend for the Faith! (ty, NG)

Revelation is definitely too weird and used by the denominations to teach false millennial doctrines so it must be removed.

At this point, we are down to 37 book.  We definitely want to always have 66 books in our Bible, so here is a solution.

At the end of the OT, we will add the Gospel Advocate Commentary Series, except for ones written by David Lipscomb who was a pacifist and against slavery, which sounds like a socialist to me.

Also, add J.W. McGarvey’s Commentary on Acts (but only the original one because it’s better than the new one) and Moses Lard’s Commentary on Romans.

That gives us 13 more books once we exclude Lipscomb. Up to 48.

Since we took out Ezekiel and Revelation for millennial purposes, we can add Foy E. Wallaces’ “God’s Prophetic Word” to refute any false teachings that might remain.

Two more books that must be a part of the Church of Christ Canon are Guy N. Woods “Questions and Answers, vol. 1 and 2.”

We definitely need something from our founder Alexander Campbell, so “Christianity Restored” and “The Christian System” are must-haves.

Another addition, from more recent leaders, “The Bible makes Christians Only and the Only Christians by Thomas B. Warren.

C.R. Nichols 6-volume “Sound Doctrine” also deserves a spot here.

Now we are are at 60.  Almost there.

Shall we include some tracts in our Canon, to help new believers understand certain doctrines that they may not understand with the Bible alone?  I think so!


The Sin of Social Drinking

Dancing:  The Slippery Slope to Prostitution” (ty, TM)

Decently and In Order:  Everything God Meant to Say about our Worship Assembly

‘Hear, Believe, Repent, Confess, Be Baptized:  Everything you need to Know about Salvation in 5 sentences”

An egregious oversight: N.B. Hardeman’s Tabernacle Sermons must be included.  We shall remove 2 Corinthians and the Thessalonian letters.

That’s enough tracts.  Now finally, the final two additions for our 66-volume Church of Christ Bible, is….

Behold the Pattern” by Goebel Music

Why I am a Member of the Church of Christ” by Leroy Brownlow.

Here is your new Table of Contents:

Table of Contents

The Old Testament



Exodus (Lev 10)



1 Samuel

2 Samuel

1 Kingicles

2 Kingicles






Jeremiah (Ezekiel 37)


Minor Prophets:  Greatest Hits

GA: Matthew

GA: Mark

GA: Luke

GA: John

GA: Acts

GA: Hebrews

GA: James

GA: Peter-Jude

GA: Revelation

McGarvey on Acts

Moses Lard on Romans

“God’s Prophetic Word” by Foy E. Wallace

“Q&A, vol 1” by Guy N. Woods

“Q&A, vol 2” by Guy N. Woods

“Christian System” By Campbell

“Christianity Restored” by Campbell

“The Bible Makes Christians only and the Only Christians” by Thomas B. Warren

Sound Doctrine 1 by Nichols

Sound Doctrine 2 by Nichols

Sound Doctrine 3 by Nichols

Sound Doctrine 4 by Nichols

Sound Doctrine 5 by Nichols

Sound Doctrine 6 by Nichols

The New Testament





Tract:  Dancing:  The Slippery Slope to Prostitution

Tract: Sin of Social Drinking



1 Corinthians

Tabernacle Sermons vol 1





Tabernacle Sermons vol 2

Tabernacle Sermons vol 3

1 Timothy

2 Timothy



1 Peter

1 John


Tract:  Decently and in Order

Tract: H, B, R, C, Baptism

Behold the Pattern” by Goebel Music

“Why I am a Member of the Church of Christ” by Leroy Brownlow



24 thoughts on “The Church of Christ Canon

  1. nick gill

    LOL you left out “Behold The Pattern” by Goebel Music, and you can’t drop out Jude, unless you stamp “Contend for the Faith” on each cover.

  2. Great question in your last comment.

    Glad John is gone, now we won’t have to explain why Jesus turned water into wine.

    Can we add the track, “Why Dancing is a Sin?” I saved this track for the classic line in the first paragraph, “Prostitution in our country began because of the dance floor.” Continuing down two lines, “When you allow your daughters to dance, you’re putting them on the fast track to prostitution.”


  3. Brian

    Nick, duly noted and changed, thanks, can’t believe I didn’t consider those two.
    I brought back Jude and took out Titus.
    also dropped the track about baptists

    RE wine: just refer to the tract, brother,
    RE: dancing tract: wow!

  4. Brian

    heard the joke,
    A. why do (insert conservative group here) believe pre-marital sex is wrong?
    A: it might lead to dancing

  5. Really well done. Reminds me of the inverse approach to teaching, ex. “How to ruin your children”.

    Honestly, this is a masterpiece in breaking down how the c of c has treated the Bible.

  6. Brian

    thanks, P
    I love the inverse way. did you see perry noble’s “14 Things Jesus Did NOT Say”?

    I do truly hope some will be shaken up and reconsider things by reading this.

  7. This is ridiculous and I would also say childish. I believe that it is irresponsible of you to make posts such as this and that it shows not a love of Christ, but rather outright and rebellion. Rather than address the key issue, the failure of many Church of Christ preachers and teachers to properly use law and gospel in the manner in which it was meant (by the way, not all Church of Christ teachers and preachers do this) you choose to simply slap fight and name call. This is immature and reminds me of a 4th grade kid who hits and calls names that which he does not like, disagrees with, or that he, and this is most likely the case here, does not understand. For that matter, I have listened to your sermons you have posted and must say, your sermons are primarily law and your Christology is deficient to say the least. Yet, I don’t mock you and call you names. If you have a Biblical solution that does not pertain of more law and lists, then present it. IF not, then you are only causing harm and I frankly find it disgusting that someone who accepts money from a Church of Christ, would in his spare time participate in this sort of cannibalistic behavior. Further, to Trey Morgan, I really admire your works and thoughts and am shocked to say the least to see you not only supporting, but joining this type of behavior. If you boys want to be post-modernists then go ahead and jump off the fence. Stop trying to serve two masters.

  8. Funny. Sad. Funny. Sad. True.

    Love the removal of Romans 9. You mean, it really is about God’s Sovereign grace alone? You mean, we really are created beings who exist for the sole purpose of glorifying God?

    Same reason to get rid of the Gospel of John. Jesus says that we can only come to Him if the Father wants us to and John writes that we become children of God only by the will of God and not by the will of man . We love our free-will too much to listen to Jesus or John in that Gospel. phew! No more of that! Free-will is god!

    You also might want to put John 3:16, bolded and out of context, in every single book of the Bible. I mean, that’s how we read it anyway…

  9. Brian

    Dave, I am just as upset as you are, just about other things.

    I am upset about simplistic attitudes toward the Bible, anti-Biblical doctrines, fellowship based on tradition, verses taken out of context, sectarianism among my brethren.

    Whenever anyone, Jesus, Paul, you or I preach against sin and sinfulness, why isn’t that “attacking the Bride”?

    the cannibals are always those who kill my sacred cows, while the ones who attack someone else’s are just “defending the faith” or “preaching against the denominations”

    Also, please note my the first comment that I made, to get my point.

    As I always half to do with satire (i’m okay with it), in my defense.
    I am not against these authors, books, per se. Some are great and have good material. I am against human traditions and bad attitudes, a “Restoration Movement Church of Christ Theology” instead of the Bible.

    I appreciate you standing up for what you believe in and a perceived attack on the truth/church, just keep in mind that that is exactly what I am doing.

  10. Dave,

    Sorry you took offense, I did not in anyway intended to be offensive. It was simply tongue and cheek. Except for the tract on dancing that does exist in my filing cabinet and does make me mad. I don’t mind when someone speaks against something like dancing, but it needs to be done intelligently not with ridiculous & unfounded claims tying dancing and prostitution together.

  11. Brian and Trey, thank you both for your responses. It is so nice to deal with rational people on the internet for once. Brian, my point is simply that I don’t know if we have time to joke about what is going on. I look at the landscape of American Christianity and I see a farce and part of it is founded in the attititude of rebellion against what we find as stale. Was our generation let down somewhat by the Church of Christ teachers we grew up with, perhaps. The problems is not what they taught about dancing though it is legalism. Rather than spending our energies on making fun or rebelling against the truths we were taught though, shouldn’t we be consistently improving ourselves through study and boldly accepting the challenge to not make the same mistakes with the generation(s) behind us? What would be the response of a teenager in your church should they read what you, their preacher, their pastor, their shepherd, thinks about the church they are growing up in? When Jesus addressed the church of Laodicea about their lukewarmness he did not instruct them to make the changes with satire, rebellion, or wit. He instructed them to do it with zeal. Thanks to both of you again for your responses.

  12. Dave,

    “What would be the response of a teenager in your church should they read what you, their preacher, their pastor, their shepherd, thinks about the church they are growing up in?”

    I share regularly with my children, the teens, and my church, about the church I grew up in. I tell them about the good, the bad and the misconceptions that took place.

    One of the things we must do is learn from the past, both the good and bad. If I ignore it I’ll miss repeating the things we did well, and I’ll repeat the things we did wrong.

    Thanks for your points.

  13. Brian

    “shouldn’t we be consistently improving ourselves through study and boldly accepting the challenge to not make the same mistakes with the generation(s) behind us”

    Amen! I love that statement and agree.

    I also agree that dancing as an example is not the big issue, but I am using these issues as a symptom of an overall mentality and philosophy that is still lingering and needs to be dealt with, or we will make the same mistakes.

    but I also think an awareness of the past will help us not make those mistakes.

    and whether it was intended or not, I think the whole “plank and beam” teaching is funny and ironic

    and the OT prophets used a wide variety of teachings methods including drama, and some pretty harsh language.

  14. Dave-
    Thank you for trying.
    But I’ll tell you it is easier for most to question questions and throw stones than give answers and build foundations.

    At least you made a couple of them stutter, crayfish and back- peddle. That was worth the price of admission.

    You said, “What would be the response of a teenager in your church should they read what you, their preacher, their pastor, their shepherd, thinks about the church they are growing up in?”

    And they totally missed your point. I think your point is what good does ridiculing and deriding the church do for the younger generation.

    The problem is your first analysis of the “4th grade Kid” tells you that the immature are trying to teach the young and that’s our problem.

  15. Brian

    Don Neyland does believe in using humor, ridicule, “sardonic wit” to make a point, express himself, and yes, even attack what he sees as stupid, bad, wrong.

    Don, I actually like your sense of humor. I can relate to it. The main difference between you and me is the target of our humor.

    So, is this about method or paradigms/beliefs?

    Dead political Liberals:

    Living Political Liberals:

    and of course, religious liberals:

  16. wjcsydney

    Don, you said “And they totally missed your point. I think your point is what good does ridiculing and deriding the church do for the younger generation.”
    Firstly Brina was not ridiculing and deriding the church. He was using satire to make a point about attitudes and practices that prevail amongts certain sectors. That does not equate with “deriding the church”
    If we are not “real” and honest with the young, they see straight through our hypocrisy. That’s one very good reason to use satire IMNSHO.

  17. NB

    Brian and Trey,
    Keep doing what you are doing. Using satire is just another way to reach out to another group of people. Not everyone will “get” it and that’s okay – everyone has different learning styles.

    Personally, I would still be lost if I hadn’t connected with you and others like you, who are able to keep it real, share the Word, yet, can implement the use of humor, satire, and wit now and then. That doesn’t mean I don’t take my faith seriously. I do. It just means God’s giving me another opportunity to stay in the relationship and stay connected as I learn.

    If God erased all the humor He has placed in my life, I would have given up a long time ago! Humor helps keep me on track as the world crumbles around me. Just my two cents. 🙂


  18. Brian

    thanks, NB

    Don isn’t objecting to satire, or mocking and ridiculing, but the target, points of my satire.

    Apparently what some see as the Bride of Christ, I see as the worst traits of some of God’s people, and apparently I am expected to stay quiet about it.

  19. I am all about having a good time and of all the things in this world I don’t like, it is a pietist. All people have flaws, all systems have flaws, and that does include the Church of Christ. However, I personally feel that the church of Christ is where I have been called out to be. I suppose the question must be did Christ call you to where you are to make fun of the problems in the church or to seriously evaluate the root and cause and seek His guidance (scripture, prayer, guidance of elders {ugh, I know,}, and honesty) on how to use His word alone to fix these problems. As I have said, you have a great blog and I agree with a majority of what you say. I mean that and I hope you can look at my comments objectively and simply see me stating my opinion.

  20. Allan

    What I find odd is that I grew up in the c of c and I have never read or heard of most of those publications, have not heard many of those names, and distinctly remember a number of sermons on a lot of the topics that are “removed.” I kinda feel like I’m missing out on large parts of the joke.

    That said, there was certainly more and less emphasis on certain books/stories/teachings which you hit on the head.

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