My Son has Discovered Lust

…in a magazine.

That’s kinda provocative but it’s true, although not what you are thinking.

It’s a toy magazine.  And even though it is mostly educational type toys, he is obsessed.  He kept talking about his “wishes” and finally my wife told him to circle the things that he wanted.

He has a lot of wishes.

I came home the other day and he met me at the door to say, “I need a dollar because I cleaned my room.”  The kids do chores, some for money and some just because they should do them.

He lost his first tooth and we are playing the “tooth fairy” game.  He asked if he would get $5.  We laughed in his face.  He got 50 cents.

He wants to go to the toy store as soon as money comes in.  He loves Lightning McQueen as most boys his age.

The life-long battle of materialism has begun for my 5-year-old.   I know I am still in that battle, as well as much of the world, especially developed first-world countries like the USA.

I remember the excitement of toy catalogs, especially near Christmas time.  G.I. Joe and Transformers.  I also loved the Johnson Smith (wow! still in business and online) catalog that had magic tricks, pranks, and novelty items.

For me, I guess it’s books now, or some electronic gadget.

We like to preach and teach about hot topics like homosexuality, or any sexuality period.  Worship problems and denominational doctrines.

But millions and millions of people, including Christians, are losing the war against stuff.  Christmas time is upon us again.  The economy is down so spending will probably be down.  And the government and CEOs are hoping for as much materialism as possible to help our economy.

But at what cost?

1 John 2:15-17


6 thoughts on “My Son has Discovered Lust

  1. Isn’t is amazing we let the ugly physical distract us from the beautiful spiritual aspects of life.

    For instance, the Israelites made a golden calf while waiting at the foot of the mountian. Considering where they were and probably no one brought a “Golden Calf Mold” form Egypt – that had to be the ugliest golden calf in all of history, yet they still worshiped it.

    We, as humans and Christians, can do the same things.

    We need to renew our commitment to the spiritual every day:

    (1) Time – Where does our schedule show we are putting our commitment in?
    (2) Money – Where does our checkbook show our commitment is?
    (3) Bibles – Which is more worn out, our Bible or our TV remote, or even our computer keyboard?

    Just my thoughts…

  2. Uhhmmmm……do I dare point out the 5 year old was given the toy catalog and told he could circle the items he wished for? Perhaps a more directed play time would be helpful in training our children? When we allow them to see more of the advertising on TV and in magazines, catalogs etc we are only playing into what society wants. We need to be teaching them more of Godly things. (I am not saying you don’t…I am sure you do.)

    9not saying that

  3. wjcsydney

    Quite simple. They don’t have to get them.
    Get them to collect their old toys and donate them. Help them choose a new toy at the store for a kid who wont get a toy from Santa. Explain that most of the kids on earth will not get toys from Santa. Give gifts that bless others – we don’t need more stuff. Participate in projects like Operation Christmas Child. It does have an effect. Nicky was about 8 0r 9 when she asked for us to sponsor another World Vision child as her Christmas present.

  4. Brian

    our kids have a good amount of toys, solely because of yard sales, but we do put up some of them and rotate, then once a year, we purge and give away and sell, letting the kids help some in the decision of what we get rid of.

    we actually didn’t get our daughter a gift for her birthday. she got plenty of presents from friends and family. my wife made the cake, we provided lunch for everyone at the party. everyone was happy.

    I agree that you have to protect the kids a little, but at some point, they will have all the options in front of them and they will have to learn/practice self-control.

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