Scary Movies

Here are some lists of the top scary movies (some include gross pics):

Top 100 according to some film critics

Top 50 from  not a list for hardcore or purists

Top 20 Zombie movies of all time

Top 100 of All-Time

Top 20 Scariest Movies of All-Time

Top 20 Horror Films Since 1989

I used to watch more when I was young.  Freddy and Jason stuff on cable.  I still remember how scared I was seeing just the commercial for Return of the Living Dead when a bloody, zombie, skeleton guy turns around to face the camera.

I am too chicken to watch some films, I might read the summary just to know what happens but don’t want the images in my head.

I have seen some from these lists, but mostly the ones that were crossovers like Jaws and Shining and Alien.  I have seen the Dawn of the Dead remake, Carpenter’s the Thing, Carrie, and Scream.  But I haven’t even seen 7 with Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman which makes many lists.

I will never see the Hostel movies or any of the Saw ones (only caught bits and pieces-pun intended-of the first one on cable.  that was enough), or stuff like Audition, and I hope you won’t either.

I agree with Christopher Lee, who basically said, horror is better when it’s unseen rather than obscene.

So, what about you?  Does your Halloween tradition involve scary movies?

Are you for or against any particular movie?

What movie scared/scarred you the most?

And since we haven’t done this in awhile, how about a poll?


8 thoughts on “Scary Movies

  1. I’m too much of a wimp! Or maybe I have too vivid an imagination so images stay with me much much longer than I’d like. My husband loves to be scared, but I’d prefer to let him watch them by himself. 😉

  2. nick gill

    Lee and hitchcock were geniuses when it comes to understanding suspense and horror. Nothing is more scary than what we imagine — so take some time, let us truly freak ourselves out, then don’t let us down.

    Splatter flicks are mindnumbing and dehumanizing in the worst way.

  3. wjcsydney

    The Comfort of Strangers is seriously scary. It’s not a traditional horror film (I don’t watch those).

  4. NB

    I used to watch scary movies. Always hated the gory ones but loved the ones with lots of suspense. Now, they scare the begeebers out of me! I can still watch some, but then later I always wish I hadn’t!!!!

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