Whatever Happened to Santification?

Back in the summer, I preached a 5-part series on Sanctification.

I still feel it is the most important topic I have preached on in 10+ years of preaching, mainly because it is neglected and misunderstood.

And, it’s a big part of salvation.

It’s easy to emphasize baptism on one extreme, or grace on the other, and forget about Santification.

I imagine some people didn’t like hearing these things. But Christians do have sin, do struggle with sin, and Christians can be lost because of sin.

Salvation is more than five steps but it is also hard work.  Yes, I said hard work.  I have a deficient Christology and am too law-based for some, but I am just trying to preach what I read.

Forgiveness of sins is not God’s ultimate will.  It is the means to a greater end: close, intimate fellowship with Him.

Christians do have sin and we are expected to do something with the sin in our life besides just asking for forgiveness and receiving the mercy and grace of God.

Do I sound like a legalist??  Listen to these sermons and correct/help me!

Introduction to Sanctification

Sanctification2, The Enemy Within

Sanctification3,God’s Power For Us

Sanctification4,What God Expects From Us

Sanctification5, We Need Each Other

What do you think?  How do you define Sanctification?

Do Grace and Sanctification cancel each other out?


2 thoughts on “Whatever Happened to Santification?

  1. It’s gonna take some time to listen to your lessons, but I’ll say that sanctification is God’s work through grace. He sets us apart. This doesn’t mean sin won’t surface, but it does mean we are distinguished by him in Him.

  2. I’ve never thought of it in these terms, but I agree with your assessment of forgiveness. It’s just like how we have our “duty” to pray and read the Bible — but much more than a duty, it is a way to gain closeness in our relationship with God and to know what His will is.

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