How to Prayer for Missionaries

This is great.  It was found and shared by Katherine who is serving the Lord in China.  The full article can be found HERE.

Please share this with your church’s mission committee and members.  Speaking as someone who has served in a foreign culture, this is very accurate and helpful.

1) Relationship with God:

Loving and studying God’s Word

Strong prayer life

Walking in the Holy Spirit

2) Physical/Emotional:

Adaptation to climate


Safety in danger

Victory over loneliness and depression

3) Family Relationships:



Family life as a model to nationals

Coping with singleness

4) Ability to Communicate:

Language Study

Continual improvement in fluency

Cultural adaptation / understanding

5) Effective Ministry:

Teaching, preaching, witnessing

Boldness, open doors

Prepared hearts, fruitfulness

6) Team Relationships:

Other missionaries

Relationship with Nationals

7) Country of Service:

Government- national and local

Political situation

Visas, continued open door

Outreach to city, village, tribes

Help Them Feel Connected


4 thoughts on “How to Prayer for Missionaries

  1. Good list. One friend who preaches in Cuba told me: “More than money, we need understanding.” I think emotional and prayer support is even more important than financial support (though all are obviously needed).

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  2. I agreed with everything you said over on “Dry Bones” I don’t comment over there any more, (nobody else does either) there is nothing over there that requires a comment from me.
    I need to understand what is said in order to comment, and I hardly ever do.

  3. Sorry, I am a bit behind-but thanks so much for posting this!! I have definitely found how much more amplified and challenging some of these things are when you are taken out of your own culture, leave family & friends behind, and sometimes feel very alone…but know that God has called us to serve the great people here!! I loved this list, because I can relate to so many of them!!

    Tim…you are SO right-I very much appreciate and am thankful for those who are financially supporting me…but every single encouraging word and those who let me know they are praying for us mean SO much more, as sometimes you feel forgotten. I find myself soaking up each comment and e-mail, storing them in my heart!!

    Thanks again, Brian-appreciate you! Blessings~

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