2nd Annual Blogprophet Calendar Auction

The 2nd Annual Official Blogprophet 2010 Calendar auction will begin soon.

Tell your friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beneficiary of this year’s funds will be the people of Honduras who get their food from a dump.  Trey Morgan has visited this mission and knows the people involved.  He and Steve Tucker will be going down there soon.  Check their blogs for the latest information.

Here is some info on the situation there in the past year:

Go to this link and start at the bottom for the beginning of the story.

Here is the blog of a missionary who lives and serves God in Honduras.

The auction will commence on Monday, December 7th, right here at this blog.

You will bid by leaving a comment, then I will have your email, even if you choose to be anonymous.

The bidding will close on Monday, December 14th.

The winning bidder(s) will send the amount directly to Trey Morgan.

I may provide a sneak peek of a couple of fotos from the calendar.


10 thoughts on “2nd Annual Blogprophet Calendar Auction

  1. Brian

    you should have a book made of all your awesome pics. you can upload pictures to vistaprint or shutterfuly, and they will print them in a hardcover book.
    I would buy a book of your best fotos

    sorry, but Blogprophet Calendar is already being printing and will be shipped soon. Accept no substitutes.

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