Blogprophet Calendar Auction Begins!!!!!!

LET THE BIDDING BEGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jesus Banquet that just happened in Honduras dump.

Report from Trey Morgan.

The highest bid as of 11:59 p.m. E.S.T. next Monday, December 14th will receive the exclusive, 2nd Annual Blogprophet 2010 Calendar (obviously, it’s not a second annual 2010 calendar, but the second annual blogprophet calendar which happens to be for 2010).

He/she will send the amount of the winning bid either by paypal at Trey Morgan’s blog (where you can read more about Honduras) or by mail to the Childress Church of Christ.  The funds will go to help feed the poor in Honduras who search through the trash dumps for food.

The calendar, which will come signed by me, has one goofy cover foto plus 12 pictures of flora, fauna, and your favorite bloggers.  This year, you will probably even receive it before January 1st!!

The opening bid of $20 was made by Gallagher a couple of days ago and I am holding him to it.

Don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear at first.  It might get stuck by spam guard and I will find it.

Tulsa Bloggers Convention

(If anyone objects to being included I will draw a black line over your face in this foto)

jellyfish in Camden Aquarium
big red balls
December foto for the Blogprophet 2010 Calendar

12 thoughts on “Blogprophet Calendar Auction Begins!!!!!!

  1. Sweet! I wanted the Blog Prophet calendar last year and decided before you picked your charity … I was going to win it.

    I can either send you $50 and you can re-write it and send it back or I can deposit it myself. Your choice. Thanks for doing this. 🙂

  2. Brian

    Congratulations Trey and Gallagher!!!

    You both win a calendar.

    Trey, I trust you to go ahead and give the money directly. just email your address.
    Gallagher, Trey has a donate button on his blog or you can get the address for the church to send a check.

  3. That pictures are great, full of fantasy. The jellyfish piece looks terrific. And the shiny Christmas tree bowls and that fluid water gives a great impression too….congratulations…

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