Boycott Honda!

Honda’s add campaign, “Happy Honda Days” shows no respect for the Savior.

These Shintoists are trying to sell their cars without even mentioning Jesus’ birth.

They must still be bitter about WWII, and I for one, will not stand for it.

It’s bad enough they have at times embarrassed the American motor industry with low-mileage and long-lasting vehicles, but to blatantly ignore the incarnation in December is the final straw.

Answer the call!Β  Show your Faith! Join the Movement!!

Until the CEO, board, and at least management (if not factory workers) forsake Buddha and convert to Jesus and show proper reverence for this holiday season, WE WILL NOT BUY HONDA!!!!

Let’s stick to godly companies like Chevy which show proper reverence to our God/Country by weakening our will with patriotic songs by great men of Faith like John Cougar Mellencamp.


11 thoughts on “Boycott Honda!

  1. We’re thinking about buying a Honda but it’ll be used … is that still all right? I mean, Honda already got their money for the car. When we buy it, our money will go somewhere else. Please don’t disfellowship me.

  2. Then you probably will have to disfellowship me also…for sitting in my driveway in Texas is a Honda that is paid off and I look forward to driving again in 10 days πŸ˜‰ There is also one in my parents garage…and they have been in my family for years. I don’t like changing traditions…you change agent, you!! πŸ˜‰

    I think I should be exempt since I am in China…

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