Boycott Update: “Happy Holidays”?!?!?!!?

I am getting sick and tired of the local Shop-Mart workers not saying “Merry Christmas”!!  Who do they think they are?!

What is “Happy Holidays” anyway???????????

Which Holidays?? Muslim?  Homosexual?

They might as well be sporting the little black mustache of their hero, Hitler.

But I was really shocked to hear this phrase in a “Christmas” song that is real old and doesn’t mention the Christ at all!!!!!!  I discovered the source of this pagan expression and it goes all the way back to the 1940s to a evil man named Irving Berlin.

Apparently he was a left-wing commie agitator.  I heard somewhere that he was going to be brought before Senator McCarthy’s panel but he managed to weasel out somehow.  Of course, being Jewish, he doesn’t care about the birth of our Lord and wrote this politically correct, “let’s please everyone by avoiding Jesus”, socialist, pro-abortion theme song.

Maybe not so shocking is that many of those liberal Hollywood types participated in the desecration of this HOLY-day by singing Herr Berlin’s communist anthem.  Famous Satan worshippers such as Bing Crosby, Perry Como, and even Edie Gorme worshipped at the altar of political correctness!!

I now declare that this song by Berlin and all songs by these Obama-loving, tree-hugging, socialist scumbags be banned.

Let your local radio station know that you won’t tolerate this!!!


32 thoughts on “Boycott Update: “Happy Holidays”?!?!?!!?

  1. Don

    Ignorance is such a heavy cloak to wear and a favorite feast of moths of decay.

    “Happy Holiday” was written by Berlin for a musical called “Holiday Inn”. It was about an Inn that ONLY opened on national holidays. The song White CHRISTMAS is in this musical because they chose CHRISTMAS as the national holiday in which to place the setting of the musical.

    So, while all “holidays” are meant in “Happy Holidays” ONLY Christmas with it’s own song is the setting for that particular event in the musical/movie.

    So, “Happy Holidays” means ALL national holidays. To answer your holi-daze question
    “”What is “Happy Holidays” anyway??????????? Which Holidays??””

    The answer is- ALL OF THEM AT THAT TIME in 1941 for the purpose of the script of the musical/movie score.

    Isn’t information and enlightenment so (scary as it is) …… enlightening?

    I wish we lived in a generation of wonderment rather than in this age of
    ???I just wonder?????

  2. I like them 2 movies,

    yup that would bee nice to live in a generation of wonderment!
    But if ya live in your own little world, like
    i do it can be done! 😉
    merry CHRISTmas little brother

  3. Brian

    david, i know we have differing views on the use of satire,

    but do you think it’s good to boycott and make a fuss about stores that dont use the word “Christmas”, or call a Christmas Tree a Christmas, or allow their employees to say one expression or another?

  4. Don

    I know the whole “God is in control” and “God don’t need us” concepts in this present age.
    God did come to this world in the flesh and not just “zapp things from heaven”.
    God did establish a very flesh and blood “church” to do his flesh and blood will in a flesh and blood world.
    God does tell us to stand in the light and shun the darkness.

    So? Yeh, I think it is a good thing to be diligent in the small things or I’ll never be even halfhearted in the big things.

  5. Brian, I do not see how my view on boycotting effects the conversation as my comments were meant to cause you to hopefully look inward. I will entertain you though with this thought. I believe if we were to attempt to ban or boycott everything or everyone in this world that is “anti-Christian” then we would find ourselves in one serious case of want. That being said, it is not my place or position to judge any of those who choose to or not to boycott certain businesses based on whatever their convictions are as long as they do not begin stating that the action or inaction makes them more or less pleasing in the eyes of God, then I have a problem. Sadly, many of those who choose to or not to boycott certain things are also aligned with different political affiliations I my conclusion is this – it is never good for the church to co-op with politics. No boycott will ever work though unless the true prayer is for those making the decision to be boycotted to repent and be forgiven by Christ Jesus. I doubt many of the ones who do this boycotting are making that prayer though. God bless.

  6. Brian

    thanks, dave, i appreciate that.

    don, I never said I believe in being an isolationist, or doing nothing, just worried about methods and misguided zeal that hurts the cause of Christ more than helps

  7. Brian,

    If I didn’t know you I would have believed the post.

    Here in the greater NYC metro area (includes where you and I live) it doesn’t make much sense for businesses to insist on “Merry Christmas,” and it’s downright questionable for public schools to use the phrase exclusively. We (or is it only me?) work alongside Jews, Muslims, atheists and people of other faiths on a daily basis. This isn’t the monocultural (and fading fast) Bible Belt where outsiders had best keep their mouths shut.

    When I lived in the midwest and that was all I knew I thought “Happy Holidays” was an attack on the Christian faith. I see things quite differently now.

    And no, I don’t believe I’ll be subscribing to receive “follow-up comments” on this post. 😉

    Merry Christmas folks, and Happy Holidays to anyone that doesn’t cover.

  8. Brian,

    You just don’t get it do you? If we can make people say “Merry Christmas,” keep them from talking about global warming and evolution, convince them to vote against health care, teach them that all Democrats are Communists in disguise, make their kids recite prayers at school and get them to buy Sarah Palin’s book at the local Lifeway store, we can make this nation Christian again.

    Well, not really “Christian,” unless they agree not to use instruments and to put the right name on the sign. But Christian enough to keep the flag waving.

    After all, that’s what we’re here for.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

    P.S.—What, you’re the only one who can use satire?

  9. Brian

    Tim I can’t believe you left out one of the more important tenets of the Christamericanism: that the 10 Commandments should be posted in EVERY public place.

    I am concerned about your soundness

  10. I used to think that maybe my Bible Belt family was always a little to the left, although we did not know it a the time. We grew-up saying happy-holidays. Now thanks to the Brian, I now know that my Christian upbringing was influenced by Crosby and Irving and not Christ. I shall go forward Wednesday evening, confess my left-wing nature, go by a Lifeway store and purchase a Happy Birthday Jesus sign for my front yard . . .

  11. Brian

    Adam, exactly. (sorry, you got blocked, you must have used a diff email)

    Why should we be antagonistic towards people of other faiths and non-believers when our goal and prayer is to influence them for Christ???

    Why create issues and add issues to differ on when our obligation is to love them and teach them about Jesus?

    Why build up even more obstacles to Faith in Jesus?

    (That’s my prose version of the above post for anyone who is confused)

    I was in the post office yesterday, saw signs for stamps about hannukah, kwanzaa, and Eid, and remember some email about the government making an Eid stamp (some Muslim holiday, of which I am clueless), and I couldn’t understand for the life of me, “why not?”

  12. Don

    You’re all missing the point-

    IT’S CHRISTMAS and only Christmas.
    Hanukkah is over.
    Kwanza ain’t started.


  13. nick gill

    In case you missed it, Don, (which would be surprising since your argument seems to be calendar-based) Christmas hasn’t started yet either — except for the merchants. For them, Christmas began on November 1st.

    Christmas is one day in a holiday-filled season that many believers call Advent. But Christmas itself hasn’t started yet either.

    PS – I love it when one guy tells everyone else that they’re missing the point. Brilliant rhetorical strategy, really. Statistically speaking, chances are that at least one of us is closer to the point.

  14. Don

    My point was that Kwanzaa, Hanukkah nor Ramadan
    had anything to do with the season, shopping, gifts, the mass marketing.

    And all of ADVENT is about Christian……..

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