Some Links under your Christmas Tree

10 Web Trends to Watch in 2010

Top 10 of Everything in 2010

5 Ways to Show Love to Kids without Spending $$

6 Ways to Find Quiet During a Busy Day

Unreached Ethnic Groups (Joshua Project)

Why Christianity is Failing in America

Christamericans for Christ

The Youth Minister Conundrum (The Problem of Parents) by Yaconelli

Anti-depressants Change Personality (in a positive sense)

Introverts and Leadership at

Mormon Vampires

Lonelinesss Spreads in Social Networks (not social networking sites)

Wonder whatever Happened to This Guy who was disfellowshipped 50 years ago

Why I Left (the church of Christ. this guy chose to, unlike the previous guy)

Why I left the Contemporary Christian Music

Demons, Death, Powers (heavy reading)

The Anxiety of Gift-Giving

That was a little something for everyone on this Christmas Day.



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