Blogprophet history, numbers, etc.

I notice that some others do this annually or occasionally, and since I have a few minutes and nothing really to say, here is the Tale of the Tape for this blog at this URL:

Most popular posts:

I would like to thank my top referrers (this says more about you than me)(excluding google, bloglines,

Searches which lead people to my blog:

  • something involving “clouds”:  4,000 +
  • something involving “PBS” and/or “cartoons”:  1,917 +
  • after skipping a few:  variations of “Blogprophet”: 473 +
  • “brian nicklaus”:   35 +
  • Others of note:
    • intertestamental period
    • demotivators
    • Eugene Petersen
    • Matt and Jessica Flannery Divorce (founders of
    • hairy back

12 thoughts on “Blogprophet history, numbers, etc.

  1. b

    we need some kind of contest between Trey and Lisa, maybe for charity…but Trey would win anything athletic and Lisa would win anything mental…..hhmmmmm…what could we do??

    any suggestions?

  2. Yeah, a spelling bee!!! LOL And then a flip-through-the-Bible-to-the-right-passage contest. I always won those. 🙂

    Why do we need a contest anyway??

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