Random Thoughts of Hodgepodge Miscellany

National Championship Game:
Brother in Christ, Colt McCoy is awesome, but I have been a fan of the REAL UT-Tennessee (and therefore, SEC) since the days of Andy Kelly.  It’s still weird to root for Bama, so I guess I just hope it’s close and exciting.

People’s Choice Awards
I accidentally/unfortunately watched the last 20 minutes and have two observations:

  1. there sure was “a lot of love in there”–the latest and lamest expression to evoke applause from the crowd. If someone was playing a drinking game (sadly, that’s what kids do now) and took a shot each time Latifah or someone yelled that, they would have been passed out before it ended.
  2. Is Johnny Depp really as goofy as he appeared, or did he just really not want to be there because it wasn’t the Oscars??  Or maybe he just couldn’t recover from Sascha Baron Cohen?

My Son
My boy threw his cup of hot chocolate over his shoulder last night and made a big mess.  This was a few minutes after getting home from school, soon after hitting his sister.  I was furious.  Haven’t been that annoyed in a long time.  The strange thing is, I didn’t even come close to yelling.  I am just not a yeller (which means, I will never be an ‘old yeller’).

Plus, I don’t recall the last time he was spanked.  My wife doesn’t even like me to joke about spanking in public up here since some people and the social services seem kinda extreme in the other direction.  So, we really don’t spank even though we would like to.

So, I made him meticulously open and wipe each drawer.  Then we put all the toys in the bathroom sink so he could wash them off.  The main way I expressed my anger was by throwing away one of his Christmas presents.  It was a small and inexpensive one (hot wheels loop) that I figured we could buy again sometime this year.  It was in the toys that got dirty.

When my wife (at the grocery during this whole thing) got home, she dug the toy out of the trash.  I had cleaned out the fridge, added food to the trash, tied it and took it outside.  She still went after it.

But not to give back to the boy, she was fine with that.  She was not okay with losing the $5. That’s my wife.

Oh, by the way, the reason he tossed his hot chocolate….there weren’t any marshmallows in it.  Now you understand my rage.

Taylor Swift
If Taylor Swift sweeps the Grammys this month, I may just give up music all-together.  I don’t understand the phenomenon.  I just really hope that in 15 years she isn’t making out with Miley Cyrus on MTV’s Music Awards, or Pay-Per-View.

Air Travel
Do you think the security mess will be cleared up by March when some of us fly to Tulsa?? Me, neither.  Oh well.  Maybe I should just start walking now.

Culture Wars
Now that the holidays are over, I just don’t know where to express my angst against all that is wrong with America.  I guess the sinful game of President-bashing is still going on.

Sherlock Holmes
I was hoping to see the film this week, but it might be next week.  I enjoy going to movies by myself to zone out for a couple of hours.  I never go to a movie expecting Citizen Kane or The Godfather, just to be entertained.  Some are more entertaining than others, and make you think.  That’s appreciated but not necessary for me.  I may be a snob about some things (mainly Italian food), but film is not one of them.

Congrats to all who got snow.  We may get 1-3 inches here.  It might affect the commute if it hits in the morning, but otherwise, that amount will be clear before the day is over.  The shovelling isn’t even that bad for that amount.  It’s all relative.

I still have some Christmas money left over and I know I am going to see Sherlock Holmes and probably eat out at the Indian food buffet.  I may just go ahead and buy books that I want to read someday.  I keep hearing about “The Crucified God” by Jurgenn Moltman and “The Wounded Healer” by Nouwen.  I really want a commentary on Deuteronomy by Brueggemann, but since I don’t have plans to teach/preach on Deut anytime soon, it’s hard to spend $30 on that.

Speaking of books, I put those books I tried to sell here on Ebay, and nobody wants them there either.  I guess I am asking too much.  I will probably give them away.

I do intend to pick up my “How I Got Here” series soon.  I am still enjoying “Introverts in the Church” a lot and will share more in the next week.  I also received a copy of “How People Grow” by Cloud/Townshend and it looks great.

Oh Wait, How About NFL Playoffs for fun:
Jets over Bengals
Ravens over Patriots
Packers over Cardinals
Eagles over Cowgirls

Have a great Snow Day!!


9 thoughts on “Random Thoughts of Hodgepodge Miscellany

  1. b

    trey, that’s the only pick I haven’t doubted.

    it’s hard to beat a good team twice in a season, especially hard to do it in consecutive weeks. Watch out!

  2. b

    decide to preach on Deut Sunday pms for awhile
    finished off my xmas monies by buying two deut commentaries: brueggemann and peter craigie

  3. Rich D.

    Haven’t stopped by since before Christmas; hope your holidays were great. Raising children has brought out things in me I thought I’d put to rest a long time ago. It’s usually the “hot chocolate” incidents that do it. No wonder qualifications for elders includes something about their children. 🙂

    I didn’t get the introvert book for Christmas, though I was probably too late in asking for it. I’ll have to just get it myself I suppose.

    I hope you’re wrong about the Pats, but the loss of Welker will hurt them a lot.

  4. wjcsydney

    Brian, my 7 year old niece got the Taylor Swift CD for Xmas. The lyrics are seriously dodgy, especially for a 7 year old!

    We don’t spank either.

    One of my fb friends is forever Obama-bashing in a most unChristlike way on fb. It is seriously disturbing.

  5. Brian see what you did to Colt, by pulling for Bama, that was absolutely the only way Bama could win.

    You may have been granted one wish against the Longhorns,
    but you were certainly rejected on the Cowboys Ha 🙂
    I guess you are just not up to the “Big League “

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