The Blessings of Poverty

We should really envy those living in cardboard boxes, grass huts, drinking polluted water, and with extended bellies.

Consider this:

  • They never get confused about which car they drove to the grocery store to buy junk food.
  • They never get frustrated talking to and waiting on tech support for hours.
  • They never struggle with obesity and its health problems.
  • They never get overwhelmed with credit card debt.
  • They never complain about their food being undercooked or taking too long at the restaurant.
  • They don’t lose sleep because of what the stock market is doing.
  • They don’t have to make the tough decision of which cool phone to buy.
  • They don’t have to worry about the housing market.
  • They are not affected by rising gasoline prices.
  • They aren’t embarrassed that their clothes aren’t the fancy brands.
  • They don’t have to put up with SATs, college apps, Finals Week.
  • They are oblivious to Health Insurance anxieties.

This was not intended to make anyone laugh.

We can all meditate, reflect, and repent (change) if necessary.

Isn’t it interesting that so many things that cause us to complain and worry are direct results of our abundance and “blessings”?


14 thoughts on “The Blessings of Poverty

  1. Indeed.

    Your last question reminds me of Solomon. God was so impressed that he chose wisdom, out of all the things in the world he could have asked for, that He blessed Solomon also with the things he didn’t ask for — fame and fortune. However, those things seemed to lead to his destruction — he forgot the God who had blessed him abundantly, and allowed the world to pull him away.

  2. Allison Cooke Douglas


    Great thoughts…

    It occurred to me how silly it is that so many of us complain about the cold while rushing from our heated homes to our heated cars to sit in our heated offices.

  3. jeff

    For the sake of argument, which I know you desperately need, I will throw in a comment about how glamorizing the poor is rather simplistic thinking. They may not have these worries, but they have a whole pile of others that those with means do not have. It is hard for a rich man to go to heaven, but it’s not like it’s simple for poor people!

  4. b

    thanks allison, great point.

    that’s the point, jeff, they have it a lot worse, yet we still manage to complain, gripe, feel entitled.
    i would like to glamorize (and actually live) the simple life, though
    and I am still trying to decipher “For the sake of argument, which I know you desperately need,”

  5. jeff

    Oh Brian, we all need more argumentation in our lives. It’s what keeps us frazzled, agitated, and dependent on God. I am surprised that your Christian existence on the internet has not shown this to you. There are a plethora of concerned Christians that must argue with you for your benefit.

    Anyhow, sorry I missed your point. I’m just doing my part as a fellow Christian to not read thoroughly your posts and use absolutely no intellectual energy to decode “deeper meanings.” I do this for your benefit.

    If you are unable to decipher this comment, know that there is a certain level of sarcasm in it, but it is only there for your edification.

  6. Paula, I don’t remember the one post Brian authored that might have required I.E. — and that is good, because I use all of mine trying to understand Don/AW. I usually take two aspirin before reading his blog. 🙂

  7. This reminds me of how people often refer to decades past as “simpler times.” Sure, simpler. Non-existent health care, no vaccines and you only knew you shouldn’t drink the water if you could see something swimming in it.

    I’ll take our more complicated times, gladly.

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