Prayers for Haiti

About two years ago, maybe more, someone posted a newspaper article on our bulletin board about the people in Haiti eating mud pies to survive.  You can read about it HERE and HERE.

Our congregation was concerned and added Haiti to our prayer list but didn’t act much more than that.

In the Fall of 2008 after trying to find ways to be involved in Haiti, we discovered Hope for Haiti’s Children, based in Sugar Land, TX. We sent a monthly check for 2009 but have not made plans for 2010 (that may change now).

Last summer, this poor nation (poorest in the Western Hemisphere, not far from the wealthiest nation on Earth) was hit by multiple storms.  Read about it HERE and HERE.

This country has needed help for a long time, sadly it took a devastating earthquake to really get the world’s attention.

Here is an article from the Christian Chronicle with updates about Church of Christ members in Haiti that also lists some Christian organizations who have ministries there.



A comment by Royce Ogle:

My wife works for WFR Relief. Donations and other info is here:

Through World Radio we have long standing relationships with local church leaders and have two of our own men on the ground there now.

Any help will be deeply appreciated.



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