NFL Playoff Picks

I like picking games without doing any research and not caring if I am right or night.  It’s probably the best chance to do well.  So…..

Cowboys over Vikings

Saints over Cardinals

Jets over Chargers

Colts over Ravens

Have a great weekend and week-beginning with the Lord and your church family!!!


15 thoughts on “NFL Playoff Picks

  1. Nick Gill

    Vikings over Cowboys – Key Player Jared Allen clobbering Tony Romo a few times

    Saints over Cardinals – Drew Brees lighting up an exhausted defense — this will be a pinball game though

    Chargers over Jets – Vincent Jackson reminding everyone why BIG receivers beat little corners

    Colts over Ravens – Raheem Brock (Oher will play Freeney to a draw, Lewis and Manning cancel each other out)

  2. b

    I gave the Girls a little respect,
    there will be a surprise, at least one of the top 4 seeds will lose, maybe two,
    I just hope it isn’t the Colts

  3. Well I guess you can reinstate cowgirls back into your vocabulary, except that would be giving the female gender a bad name. X#@+*^@#$%^&*()_+!!!!!!!!! and I mean every word.

  4. b

    This is fun.
    If I had picked against Dallas and they won, I would have to listen to a lot of lip, but since I picked them and they lost, I get to enjoy the misery.

  5. I am still crying over Dallas loss yesterday!!!
    They didn’t even show up to play yesterday…Where was the offensive line? Where was he defense that showed up the last four games?? Why God…Why???

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