Lost Links

It’s “Lost Week” here at the Blogprophet Blog!  Let’s start off with some fun links to get ready for tomorrow night.

Lostpedia:  news and episode and character summaries

Lost “Last Supper ” photo

Lost: 10 essential Episodes

Doc Jensen’s Addiction Allegory for the theme of Lost

One Possible Ending for Lost

Recaps for Every Episode

“Lost Answers” Parody Song (to the tune of Downtown)

Lost re-enacted by extended Italian Family

Lost parodies using toy figurines.  Watch the whole series, includes toys from Star Trek, Harry Potter, Heroes, LOTR interacting with Lost characters.  Hilarious!

Most of these were found at EW.com’s Lost page.  Lots more reading there.

@EWDocJensen is a good follow on twitter to keep up with Lost stuff.

Tomorrow (Tues) we will reminisce.  Please come and share. Either Wed or Thurs we will discuss the premiere.  And Friday, we will look ahead and try to predict the future of Lost’s sixth and final season.

Stay tuned!!

Share your favorite Lost Links in the comments!


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