Lost Memories and Poll

Tonight’s the NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

One Link I saved till today.  Seasons 1-5 summed up in 8 minues, 15 seconds (if you don’t get the 8 mins/15secs you are not a true fan).  It will catch you up for tonight.

I hope you weren’t expecting some melancholy, poetic remembrance.  I really just want to think about my favorite eps, moments, lines from the Lost TV show in honor of the premiere of the 6th and Final season which airs tomorrow night.

  • Season 1 Episode centering on John Locke, where he wakes up on the beach and the final scene “walkabout” travel office reveals he was crippled before arriving:  “DON’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T DO!!”
  • For some reason, all of Kate’s flashbacks.
  • Sawyer’s ep from season 1 when we learn the truth about the letter HE wrote.
  • Season 1 finale when Walt was taken from Michael and Sawyer. (and when Sawyer kills Tom in the season 3 finale, “That’s for takin the kid off the raft”)
  • When the light comes on in the Hatch the first time, while Locke is yelling and beating on it.
  • Desmond’s first episode and Flashes Before My Eyes, when he travels back in time after the hatch implodes
  • The Tailenders arc, before we knew who they were.
  • Juliet showing Jack the end of Game 7, Sox winning the World Series.
  • The shock when Locke, Sayid, and Kate see Jack playing football with Tom/Smiley at the others’ camp.
  • Desmond eps: when they don’t push the button and when he talks to Penny in the present and in the past at the same time.
  • “Not Penny’s Boat!”
  • Charlie’s Greatest Hits
  • “Why is it so hard for you to believe?!”  Why is it so easy for you?!” Touche’!
  • Of course, the shock of Jack and Kate in a flash-forward. “KATE, WE HAVE TO GO BAaAaACK!!!”
  • Sayid’s flashforwards doing Ben’s work, in James Bond mode.

What are some of your favorite moments, scenes, and episodes from seasons 1-5?


What are you expecting to happen to Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley after the bomb was detonated by Juliet?

Another Poll is coming tomorrow!


5 thoughts on “Lost Memories and Poll

  1. jeff

    My favorite line is when Jack and Ben are talking in the plane back to the island. Ben is reading a book and Jack says “How can you read?” Ben says “My mother taught me.”

  2. no it’s about Lost ,
    I had to ask dH if i could tell it ! it’s still a sore subjet!

    when LOST first aired husband got hooked on it!
    well while he was watching it one night , something big was about to happen too one of them , and the power went off! 😕 he was bummed , so when it came on next week, he was all ready to watch it ! it went off again , he couidn’t believe it had happen again! he was really bummed , until he found out that i had the remote and had turn it off ! 😉

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