Lost Season 6!!

Wow! Some thoughts from Tuesday’s show (spoilers).

  • How cruel to give us and Sawyer hope that Juliet might live, then take her away again.
  • I like the new Hurley.
  • I am glad Sayid is alive, but is he gonna be different now?
  • I hope we get a real name for Smokey/Man in Black at some point.
  • Loved, Loved, the Jack/Lock interaction at the end at LAX airport!!
  • I bet Richard arrived on the Black Rock…”in chains”.
  • Juliet said, “It worked.”
  • Hurley as Lou Gehrig (luckiest man on the face of the earth).
  • Jack and Sawyer laid back on the plane.
  • And what about Desmond on the plane?!? One of my favorites! Will we see him and Penny this season?
  • Terry O’Quinn rocks playing a different character.

And some thoughts about the future:

  • I bet Jack will start remembering the island at some point.  Remember Desmond’s time travel?
  • Someone will have to kill Fake Locke. Is the real Locke really finished?
  • Who is gonna die next?  Although it seems it is getting harder for people to die.

Which reality do you prefer, want for the Lostaways?? Do you think they will end up in one or the other?


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