A Confession and Apology to My Italian Friends

and to the beautiful country of Italy.

I have to get some things off my chest.  Confession is indeed good for the soul, and for the whole person.

For the past year, we have used a huge plastic container of minced garlic that stays in the fridge (recently tossed it out).  I don’t recall the last time we used our garlic press on fresh garlic.  That is sad.

We have purchased and eaten (mainly for convenience sake) frozen pasta meals that are either cooked in a skillet, or (GASP!) the microwave.  They don’t taste great, but we keep buying them.

My wife and I both commented and agreed recently that the pizza at Chuck E. Cheese was “good!”  Ugh! What were we thinking?!

Although we buy Parmesan and grate it ourselves, there have been a couple of occasions when we used the Kraft Parmesan cheese in the green plastic container.  Forgive!

Even when we cook Italian, a lot of it comes out of a can.

We have been away too long and have developed nasty habits.  So Sorry.

sigh….there….I said it….I am sorry!


9 thoughts on “A Confession and Apology to My Italian Friends

  1. awgonnerman

    Tsk tsk tsk…my wife has no connection to Italy (she’s Brazilian-American) and she minces her own garlic.

    Hope your repentance is true, deep and lasting.


  2. Oh Brian. I just smash garlic with the blade of a broad knife. Take like 30 seconds… Sawdust Kraft Parmesan… life is too short! I think you need a trip to Italy for some epicurean renewal.

  3. The only Italian imports I like are
    Raquel Welch; yeah I know she was born in Chicago but who cares. Sophia Loren and Gina Lollobrigida. I bet none of them crush their own garlic.
    They can keep their , Pope, Mafia, and cooking.

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