A Look at the Headlines

Being so busy, I don’t have time to read the news.  I hardly ever watch TV news or read a paper, but I get most of my news from the internet.  Even with internet convenience, I often have to limit myself to headlines only.  So, this is what has been going on lately

Conservatives use CPAC as rallying cry (from cnn.com)

Wow!  I was unaware that Sleep Apnea had become such a political issue.  I didn’t read it so I don’t know if there is some major Sleep Apnea legislation coming or maybe it has a metaphorical meaning.  I am curious as to what the diference in belief is between liberals and conservatives concerning the CPAC machine.

Dutch Government falls over Afghan Rift (cnn.com)

I can relate to this.  Once there was a big rug on the floor that had a rift in it and I tripped over it.  It happens alot, actually.  Well, I certainly hope they fix that rift.  I don’t know how to knit but surely someone in Holland/Netherlands knows how to patch that up.  Plus, if they had not left it laying around, no one would have fallen.  People, let’s all be more careful with our afghans.

Lawyer regrets calling prof ‘wack’ (cnn.com)

Again, I didn’t read this, but I can sense the remorse.  Often, a word like “loony” or “nutcase” is much more appropriate in a situation like this.  Hopefully, said lawyer will have a chance to use a better term next time.

Jamie McMurray sits on pole in California week after winning Daytona 500 (espn.com)

Ahh, from the world of sports.  It isn’t clear if McMurray was being punished or reward by being made to sit on a pole.  HA! Just kidding, This is obviously referring to flagpole sitting.  I am not real familiar with flag-pole sitting but it seems to be an exciting event. I can’t believe they found 500 people willing to do this in Daytona.  I do recall the alt-hit “flagpole sitta” from the 90s, though.

Woods apologizes, heads back to rehab (cnn.com)

How sad!  Apparently this great athlete (hockey star, maybe) did some bad things involving alcohol or drugs and ended up in rehab.  He is sorry, and therefore apologized.  That pretty much sums it up.

Joe the Plumber slams McCain (cnn.com)

Actually, I am not sure if this is sports related or politics.  I vaguely recall a wrestler by that name, who carried a plunger into the ring.  But McCain definitely sounds like a tough, wrestler type person. Apparently it was a big match.  Must have been a Wrestlemania type thing.  Congratulations to “The Plumber” on his big victory.

Will converting to an IRA Roth help you? (must be religion section from usatoday.com)

I love headlines with a question mark. So much to meditate on. I have heard of the Ba’hai faith but not the IRA Roth.  Except for those in Ireland.  I would think that converting to IRA Roth could be dangerous since they always seem to be involved in bombings and shootings over there.  I will stick with Jesus, thank you very much.


5 thoughts on “A Look at the Headlines

  1. Puh-lease, everyone knows afghans are crocheted, not knitted. *sigh*

    I am right there with you; I hardly take time to keep up with the news. I think you’re about as out of the loop as I am. And blissfully so. 🙂

  2. b

    ignorance of trivial things is truly bliss

    do you realize how little people knew of the world events/news a hundred years ago. and the news they did get was a day or more old.
    I think that was a blessing.

  3. Maybe to some folks, but I like to know if there is a tornado in the vicinity, but I do live close to if not in “tornado alley” 🙂
    wouldn’t do much good it you get the news two days after the storm has past.

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