My Inquisitive Almost-6-year-old Son

My boy turns 6 next Monday and he is awesome.  I am going to be a daddyblogger today.  As I have tweeted lately, he has been full of questions.  Some deep.  Mostly humorous.  And I need to share.

Some questions come at the dinner table.  My wife prefers not to pray at meals, so I do when the kids won’t. Recently, my boy wanted his mom to pray.  She explained that Dad is the leader of the family, etc. etc. and as I was beaming with pride and joy at my wife’s comments, the boy replied to his mother, “but I thought you were the leader of our family.”  Ouch!  My wife found that more amusing than I did.  But we did continue to explain that we both are leaders in different ways.

Also at dinner time, out of nowhere while eating:  “Dad, so how many days til you die?”  I managed not to choke on my food and die right there.  I told him I didn’t know.  And that people often die when they are really old or really sick.  He was fine with that and didn’t ask anything else.  I hope he hasn’t been talking to my doctor and knows something I don’t.

The other recent questions were during the worship assembly (in church).  He was sitting on my lap last Sunday and asked me, “Why do you always preach?”  I replied, “It’s what I do.”  I might have said more if not for the setting but I did want to respond.  But he had a follow-up question:  “Why don’t the other boys ever do it?”  I am not sure if he is just tired of hearing me or is he concerned about the growth and development of the “boys” in the church.

Then, moments later after a communion prayer, he says, “did Jesus die or not?”  I don’t know if that was spurred by something in the prayer or not but I explained that Jesus did die, he came back to life, it was a miracle, and now he is with God in Heaven.

So as the plates were passing for the communion, and as he is holding his dollar in his hand waiting for the collection he asked this follow-up question:  “How does God get the money?”


7 thoughts on “My Inquisitive Almost-6-year-old Son

  1. 5kidswdisabilities

    Oh, that is precious! Kids add so much to our lives with their comments! My daughter once asked me how God knew how many Communion Hosts to make appear? (I did’t have the heart to tell her that God does not directly provide the hosts…at least not yet…)

    Lindsey Petersen

  2. Shirley Eaton

    I love that child!!! I know some other kids he should meet; particularly those in my Bible school classes.

  3. Funny.

    My daughter (who is 5) has a lot of questions about heaven (since she knows that is where her older brother is) and about how strong God is. She recently asked if God was stronger than Wordgirl (a superhero on PBS). The good thing is that I love having these conversations with my children and it is a great exercise to try and figure out ways to explain answers in a way they can understand.

    Grace and peace,


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