Overheard in Tulsa

Actual quotes and tweets overheard during the Tulsa Workshop this year:

  • “the issue with prayer is not faith but submission”–Randy Harris
  • “there is a time to be obedient to bad decisions in order to learn obedience” -Randy Harris
  • “We don’t assemble so that God will like us for another week” -Patrick Mead
  • “We can never restore that which God never gave us” -Patrick Mead
  • Rick Atchley on Luke 15-Prodigal Son (one of my favs of the week)
    • “We do we always write people out of God’s story”
    • “Why does Jesus party with the wrong kind of people?”
    • “The way we portray our faith is a direct reflection of our portrait of God”
  • “God was the first risk-taker” -Trey Morgan
  • “Grace is not ‘gap insurance'” -Al Maxey
  • “If creating a Christian nation could be accomplished, we would all be Israelites” -Jeff Walling
  • “Jesus gave God what He had always wanted but never received” -Edward Fudge
  • “Does worship make one holy or does holiness make one worship?”- Chris Gallagher
  • “chicken barf”-one of the Sanders boys
  • “@rustydush meeting you was one of my highlights, right after stealing a hair of Randy Harris for my scrapbook.”-Steve Tucker
  • “This morning, Krispy Kreme donuts. If they kill me, I’ll see Jesus, if I survive, I’ll see Patrick Mead. Win-win” -Steve Tucker
  • “Your tweeps will be my tweeps, whither thou tweeteth I shall retweet” -John dobbs
  • “It’s because ‘I’m HOT’!” -Amanda Sanders
  • Coffee? anyone got coffee?  COOFFFEEEEEEE!” -Trent Tanaro

What did I leave out?


7 thoughts on “Overheard in Tulsa

  1. “We belong to Jesus. We’re going to be alright!” – Patrick Mead

    Somethings wrong when we’re more excited over a touchdown than a baptism. – Patrick Mead

    If the love of Jesus doesn’t turn your world upside down then you need to rethink your Christianity. Rick Atchley

    If you can’t see God right, then you’ll always see people wrong. – Rick A

    Grace isn’t fair. – Rick A

    Is there anything we can do for you before we leave? – Steve Tucker

    This is the AKC dogshow. I don’t know where you’re suppose to be. – Some random AKC official when I wandered into the wrong building.

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