Old School Rap Lyrics Quiz

Can you name the song and artist?

  1. “I walked on ice and never fell, spend my time in a plush hotel, stood on many stages, held many mics,  took airplane flights, at huge heights”
  2. “Don’t you never ever pull my lever, cuz I’ll explode, and my nine is easy to load, I gotta thank God, cuz he gave me the strength to rock hard”
  3. “I get stupid, I mean outrageous, stay away from me if you’re contagious”
  4. “flow like a harpoon daily and nightly…I’m killin your brain like a poisonous mushroom, deadly when I play a dope melody..”
  5. “I was raised by the state, so I gotta be down with the hood team, too much television watchin got me chasin dreams”

Bonus:  “Now he’s the freshest DJ from coast to coast, my man can cut and scratch but I don’t mean to boast, he may be a little light but that’s okay, cuz when he cuts to the beat, it sounds this way”

No Googling allowed.


13 thoughts on “Old School Rap Lyrics Quiz

  1. Nick Gill

    RunDMC – King Of Rock “I even made the devil sell me his soul”

    Ladies Love Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out “Old English fill my mind and come out with this funky rhyme”

    Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock – It Takes Two “I want the ducats cuz this is Rob Base’s world” (i called money ducats for like a decade because of that line)

    Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby (wasn’t that supposed to be ‘flow like a heartbeat’ but he messed it up?)

    Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio – although I think Michelle Pfeiffer did the best version! LOL (any truth to the rumor that Stevie Wonder wrote that?)

  2. Nick Gill

    Don’t be. Fruits of an ill-spent youth working at my dad’s carwash in Birmingham, AL with a guy who introduced my scrawny nerdy self to DMC, LL, Beastie Boys, et al.

    And I have a brain made of velcro.

    Sorry, b. I’m a terrible commenter. fire me.

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