Headlines, Headlines

Here’s the news for those too lazy to read past the headlines:

Andrew Bailey of Oakland A’s shut down with tennis elbow (espn.com)

And why was he playing tennis in the first place?!

U.S. believes Al Qaeda deadly, ‘on run’ (cnn.com)

They are deadly and dangerous, but we are winning.  Of course.

Fargo a fortress of sandbags (cnn.com)

I recently saw “Fargo” and enjoyed it.  I guess “fortress of sandbags” is the new rating system.  A movie like Ishtar gets one sandbag, and a classic like “Fargo” is a fortress. I like it.  Very Creative.

Secret Iran talks for American’s release (cnn.com)

It has been a long-time since America had their one-hit-wonder  “A horse with no name” back in the 70s.  I am glad they are back.  Hopefully they can have their second one-hit-wonder.  I really don’t know what Iran has to do with it, though, except they have a lot of desert, too.

“It felt good to get out of the rain.”

Unemployment claims fall (cnn.com)

Did it really happen or did they just claim it.  How many people claim a fall, then sue, and then get rich.  I am sick of it.

“Don’t ask/Don’t tell” Hearing (cnn.com)

Sounds like a pretty boring hearing if no one can ask or tell anything.  I guess they will all just sit around for awhile.

Plane hits and kills jogger (cnn.com)

Why was this person jogging at 30,000 feet to begin with?  Don’t they have a local park?

Bishop on abuse: the devil is doing his job (cnn.com)

So, the Devil is doing the Bishop’s job?  Someone needs to check into to this.  Why pay two guys for doing the same job?


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