The Heart of Deuteronomy

I have been preaching through Deuteronomy on Sunday nights lately and, even though it was already one of my favorite books of the Bible, I am continually amazed by it.

Hopefully, I can get some audio up this week but here are some thoughts from Deuteronomy:

God has always been concerned about the Heart and internals. It’s a lie and heresy to say that the Law was only about externals and ritual.  That’s what the people made of it, but it was not God’s intention:

  • Greatest Command. Deut 6:4 is “Love the Lord your God with all your heart…”.  It continues in vs 6–“These commands are to be upon your heart.”
  • Circumcise your hearts.  Paul wasn’t being original and he wasn’t changing things in Romans 2:25-29, God had already talked about it in Deut 10:16.
  • God always loved a cheerful giver.  Deut 15:10-“Give generously to him and do so without a grudging heart…”  2 Cor 9:7 was not a new (covenant) concept.

That’s a taste. I plan to blog more about grace and love in Deuteronomy this week as time permits.  Read it!


4 thoughts on “The Heart of Deuteronomy

  1. Good points! In my elementary Bible class yesterday, I actually touched on something similar – that the laws and rules of the Old Testament were guides for the people to follow so that they would know how God wanted them to live, and that we still want to follow His rules today because we want to be like Christ. And I believe I used the phrase “putting them on our hearts.” Didn’t even occur to me I was quoting Deuteronomy. (which, of course, I should have known.)

  2. I once heard something to the effect of “If you want to keep believing that grace isn’t in the Old Testament, don’t read Deuteronomy.”

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  3. I love the moral/ethical emphasis that Deuteronomy places upon extending justice not just to all, including the strangers, aliens, widows, and orphans…oh, but that is just the Old Testament :-).

    Grace and peace,


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