Grace in Deuteronomy

One of my great desires is for Christians to see the fullness of God by seeing the Greatness of God in the OT.  I believe that seeing the grace, love, and mercy of God from the very beginning is crucial to that.

Notice how much grace is in Deuteronomy:

  • God’s Choosing of Israel. God didn’t chose Israel because of their size, or anything they brought to the table.  He “set his affection” on them because of His love and His faithfulness to Abraham. (Deut 7:7-9)
  • God’s Abundant Provision.  All of the abundance of material blessings that awaited them in the Promised Land were not really because of their hard work, but because of God’s grace.  He warns them about forgetting God’s graciousness and provision when they are enjoying all the blessings. (Deut 8, vs 17-18)
    • Also, see 6:10-12, when God warned them against forgetting Him when they received their “flourishing cities they did not build, houses filled with all kinds of good things you did not provide, wells you did not dig, and vineyards and olive groves you did not plant…” GRACE!
  • God’s Gift of the Promised Land. Their military victories and receiving the land were not because of their righteousness nor their great might.  It was because of God.  They weren’t getting the land because they were so good.  It was a gift! (Deut 9:1-6)

That’s a lot of Grace and God knows that we are likely forget about His Grace, Mercy, Provision and trust in ourselves.  We must, “Remember!”

If we don’t remember what God has done, His Grace, we will rely on our selves and others and God won’t receive the glory/credit He deserves.

Don’t Forget the Grace of God!!


6 thoughts on “Grace in Deuteronomy

  1. At I advocate for the not only the grace but the gospel and imputed righteousness we find given to Abraham. This I do my mostly quoting our New Testament.

    It is a shame so many believers think our gospel and imputed righteousness started with the book of Matthew. I believe this false understanding of our gospel leads from one false teaching to another.

    Nice to see someone else is holding the torch.

  2. We recently studied Leviticus in our Bible classes. 13 weeks of Leviticus. A first for me.

    One of the amazing things is how much grace there is in Leviticus. For example, the book starts off with “Here’s what you do when you sin.” God knows people will sin and provides the means for them to obtain forgiveness. It wasn’t about them being saved by keeping the Law perfectly. It was about their relationship with God.

    Oh, yeah. We’re talking about Deuteronomy. Sorry, I got carried away.

    Grace and peace,
    Tim Archer

  3. b

    leviticus is cool, too, just not as cool as Deut.

    Mcguiggan talked about the sacrificial system being about grace/mercy in our romans video class we are watching

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