Carbon Footprint or a Jesus Footprint

As Christians, we should be especially conscious of taking care of the planet God gave to us and put us in charge of.  While I don’t agree with all the politics, science, and practices, I do believe in recycling and being good stewards of the Earth and not treating it like a “rental car.”

Our congregation recently said, “good-bye” to founding members who had been here 59 years.  A few months ago we had a potluck and a chance for people to share and say, “thanks.”  They had a huge impression on our congregation and for the kingdom in general.  Generosity, love, humble service for generations in New Jersey.

A concept associated with Earth Day and in the news lately is that of a “Carbon Footprint,” or how much impact are you leaving negatively on our planet on a daily basis.  Politicians fly around in pollution machines to speak about this often.

As Christians, we need to be more concerned about our “Jesus Footprint.”  What kind of impact are we leaving for Christ on the people of this planet?  What positive evidence will exist in his church or your community when you one day leave it?

What will people remember?  What lives will be touched and changed?  What legacy will you leave?

Leaving a “Jesus Footprint” involves a lot more than leaving an impression on a wooden pew.

It takes time.

It takes love.

It takes commitment.


2 thoughts on “Carbon Footprint or a Jesus Footprint

  1. Jeanne M.

    I know you folks are going to miss those special people. Prayerfully others will step in and attempt to fill lthe void. It can be done, without forgetting all they did, but it won’t be easy. 59 years of service to the Lord is hard to match. God bless them and you folks “left behind.”

  2. b

    thanks, they should arrive in their new house in Paragould today if they didn’t stop last night.
    We had a “Work Group Day” yesterday, to emphasize involvement and get people more involved, it went well

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