Yet even more Headlines

(For those like me, who are too busy to read past the headlines.)

Doctor: “Sheer Will” saved Bret Michaels (

Hey! I got an idea for the title of Bret’s next single.

Or Sister: Bret Michaels sounds good

Um…has she heard “Unskinny Bop”?

Rep. arrested at immigration rally (

Maybe it was a rally for immigration, or maybe against.  Maybe it was a Republican, or maybe a Representative.  If it was a representative, I bet it was a Mary Kay representative.  They can be pretty pushy.

Kardashian: I didn’t cause stink (

Even if she didn’t eat a burrito on a plane, that’s a pretty arrogant statement.

Jets’ Ryan on Holmes: ‘I totally believe him’ (

Dude, like totally.


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