Weekend in the Whirlwind (now I need a whirlpool)

Friday, I drove my family to PA to visit with my wife’s brother and his family who are visiting from Arkansas.  I got to see my 14 month old niece for the first time and hold her.  Both little girls are precious.

But..alas.. I couldn’t stay.  I had a busy weekend planned so I returned home the same day and got in around 9 pm.  I worked on some notes in preparation for Saturday and had a fun talk with my sister, catching up on family and discussing religious stuff that would cause our grandfather to disfellowship and disown us.  I got to bed late.

Saturday, I had three meetings.  Monthly Men’s Bidness meeting at 8:30 directly followed by a discussion about our worship assembly.  I may have some notes to share about that.

At noon, I went to a board retreat for the Charter school whose board I serve on.  It was a planning meeting.  We enjoyed Panera Bread in one member’s back yard on a beautiful day and discussed business that needed to be taken care of.

I got home a little before 5 pm and had to nap before accomplishing anything else.  I fell asleep watching baseball.  Then I finished the bulletin, (which I had to wait for the monthly meeting or otherwise, it would have been done on Friday).  I finished up touches on my sermon and Bible class notes, ate dinner around 9, checked in with the family, and then couldn’t sleep.  So I listened to music for an hour or so till I feel asleep.

We had a good morning of worship Sunday, with a few people out of town.  Had a great lunch with a group of 10 from church, including one brother who just found out his mother had died and wanted to bounce some ideas off us for the funeral.

When I got home Sunday afternoon, I finished up my notes for the evening lesson, then left the house to run a couple of errands, because I planned to leave immediately after evening worship to go back to may family in PA.

The only thing is I left my house without my keys or my cell phone!  AGHGAGGG!  I actually handled it well and simply checked all windows and doors before walking.  Friends near the bus stop whose kids are good friends with my kids are about a mile away.  They are near a synagogue/temple and a few more blocks was the library.  I figured among the three I could use a phone to call a locksmith.

You see, we recently had an extra key made but never gave it to someone or hid it outside.  I walked a mile in my dress shoes, got a little sweaty, and made the call.  Thankfully, these friends drove me back home.  The locksmith arrived within minutes and was able to open it without breaking it.  I almost passed out when I saw the bill, but what can you do?

Maybe the scariest part was the man never questioned my identity or confirmed it was my house.  Is that normal?

Crisis averted. Rested.  Preached.  Drove 2 hours to PA.  Re–united with my family and it felt so good.  Saw the Survivor Finale although I have never seen more than a couple of minutes of any episode in 2o seasons.

The kids went fishing this weekend and each one caught a little fish.

Sunday on the phone my girl said she had a secret/surprise for me that she couldn’t tell me.  But she did tell me and it involved jumping on me the following morning when she woke up.  Luckily I had already been up to use the restroom by the time she enthusiastically greeted me.

Even though I barely had time to miss my family while apart, I am very glad to be back with them and am enjoying the in-laws. Tonight, it’s back to work.

How was your weekend?


2 thoughts on “Weekend in the Whirlwind (now I need a whirlpool)

  1. Can you imagine when the kids are older and (maybe) have sports events on the weekends too? I feel like we are busy enough right now without them, I don’t even want to think about it! It’s why I’m tempted to say, “nope, we don’t need to get into sports yet!” … Except down the road I want them to have the option to play sports if they want to, but if they haven’t played all along they might be behind others … I don’t know. Sorry, it’s a dilemma I’m wrestling with right now! There are so many in our culture who would think I was depriving my children if I didn’t have them signed up for every activity under the sun – but I just don’t think we should fall for that mindset! I think there are much better uses for our time and money, activities that our family can all enjoy together.

    Whew! Sorry I went off on a tangent there. 😉

    I worked two shifts on Saturday to fill in for someone, and I am getting way too old to be on my feet that long! My back was killing me. I enjoyed the money at the end of the night, though. 🙂 We had a VBS meeting after church yesterday. Even though we are going to be on vacation the weekend we have it, I still want to help support it. VBS hasn’t been my favorite thing in the past couple of years, but I don’t want anyone else to have to do it by themselves.

    By the way, I teach an elementary class on Sunday mornings, a teen girls class on Sunday nights, and a ladies’ class on Wednesday nights. I can relate to how much time it takes a preacher to prepare for all his classes!

  2. brian

    i hear ya, we feel overwhelmed as it is.
    our kids have friends who do gymnastics, karate, swimming, and other stuff at the same time, can’t believe it.
    one at a time is plenty, and often too much.

    hopefully both kids will take after me and have zero athletic ability, and just play a couple years and get some exercise

    wow, you work harder than many preachers. cool.
    keep up the good work

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