Lost Finale Speculation, Poll, and an Awesome Video

First of all, for the Lost fans, you have to watch this: “It’s just a show but it feels like losing a friend”

Well, my favorite drama of all time is about to conclude.  Maybe it’s time for a TV fast.

I have enjoyed the ride.  I appreciate the Mystery.  I will try to be content with whatever happens Sunday evening.

I did want to offer some guess for how it might all end, just for fun:

  • Jack wakes up in bed with Bob Newhart and says he had a crazy dream.
  • The island turns out to be in a snowglobe and the stories all in the mind of a mentally handicapped child.
  • Jack is in the shower with Patrick Duffy and it was all a dream.
  • Jack and Kate are in a diner while Hurley is parking the car.  Don’t Stop Believin is playing.  Fade to black.
  • Everyone dies
  • Everyone comes back to life.
  • It all starts over with the crash of Oceanic 815.
  • A new plane crashes and Jack is the good guy while Sawyer or Ben is the new bad guy. Hurley, Sawyer, Kate and Miles are the new “Others”.

Or list your suggestion for how you think it will end and/or how you want it to end in the comments:


5 thoughts on “Lost Finale Speculation, Poll, and an Awesome Video

  1. I’m thinking everyone will die on the island except Jack. Everyone that dies on the island will live on in the sideways world. (Sawyer and Juliet will meet for that coffee Sunday night. Jin and Sun will have their baby.)

    The ending will be Jack and MIB playing the black and white game on the beach as another plane crashes overhead.

    However, if I’m right I’m going to be very upset 😉

  2. I am still working on getting caught up!! 😉

    I have season 2 I bought here in China (for about 9 bucks!)

    I will probably have to stay off twitter and facebook until I have a chance to watch it…not sure how it will end, but definitely hoping we are not disappointed!!

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